Why did the WTBTS not sue Ray Franz?

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  • talesin

    Whether you agree with CB or not, he was voicing his opinion on the contents of a book. The comments about CB were what I consider an ad hominem attack, and really uncalled for. What does CB's personal issues have to do with this thread?

    HappyDad, I think that was out of line. I will suggest it would have been more appropriate to say ,, "Tell us, what lies?". I get the 'agenda' part, but where are the lies? I have not completed COC, nor am I a 'fan' of Mr. Franz, but this is a serious accusation about the contents of the book, and an attack on Mr. Franz's credibility. Let's see you back up your claim.


  • IW

    I don't think you can sue religious opinion.


  • Pleasuredome

    CoC is a nice read, but i cant help but feel its a sort of 'bethel memoirs lite'.

  • googlemagoogle

    i'm not sure if anyone outside the US who is an active JW and does not have internet access, visiting "apostate" sites, has ever heard of ray franz.

  • DelTheFunkyHomosapien

    To sue him would mean they'd have to prove him wrong.

  • Legolas
    He lived in the very heart of the borg and probably has forgotten more than you will ever know. He exposed the inner workings of the org. that influenced your life. Seeing your age is a giveaway to your attitude. You haven't been around long enough to appreciate the things Ray wrote about. No.....he isn't a god.......but he is what 10's of thousands of people needed to make a life changing choice.

    I am sorry CB but I half to agree with Happy. I don't know where I would be right now if it was not for Ray's book's.

  • Utopian Reformist
    Utopian Reformist

    The WTBS leadership was much more stoic, archaic, tyrranical and paranoid than today's new and improved version. Reverting back to those early 1980's, it is obvious that the general "age old" principle of always avoiding publicity was followed to the letter.

    Engaging RAY FRANZ in a public lawsuit would have been scandalous, and damaging despite the results. Today's WTBS might have handled the matter differently, since they are prone to more legally deceptive, conniving and manipulative practices and behavior.

    The "old guard" would have staunchly relied on their existing policies and simply resorted to cover-ups and internal cleansing. Today, they actually believe they are intelligent, they believe their own lies and consider themselves "normal" and "mainstream" and thus, in my opinion, are more dangerous than the tired and outdated predecessors.

  • jeeprube

    Reading CofC was what gave me and my brother complete release from being raised in the "truth". The borg has no hold on us anymore. Thanks Ray.

    Ken P.

    I couldn't agree more. The WTS can't risk their members reading that book. Heck most R&F today don't even know about Ray Franz, or that a member of the GB was disfellowshipped. I never knew it, until I stumbled across CoC at Barnes and Noble. Even then I wouldn't read the book. My family didn't know it, nor did my wifes family. The Society has done a wonderful job at erasing that little episode in it's history, and in programming it's members to discount anything such ones might have to say. I would say that's why they haven't sued Franz.....that and the fact that he backs up every claim with proof from WTS letters and writings. It's hard to sue someone when they're beating you with your own words.

  • badboy

    Brenda,has that elder been on apostate websites,I WONDER

  • prophecor

    Ray Franz's book is indispensible, in my opinion. Recovery from the cultish type mentality is not easily gotten without the book. I make a point to read over it, again and again, in various stages of my recovery. Much the same as we would be drilled the information from the platform. There's so much to absorb, that a once over will do me no justice. I read, and re read, in an effort to get the finer points out.

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