Christianity on the threat of DEATH..

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  • John Doe
    John Doe

    For something to be language and conversation to take place, both parties must understand what's being said. :-)

  • mustang

    A different one every week...


  • DevonMcBride
    If someone held a gun to your head and threatened to blow your brains out unless you worshiped Jesus and went to church, which Christian church would you choose?

    Hystorically, this has happened but guns weren't around. The Spanish Inquisition.

  • Valis

    If you ever partied with the Episcopalians during Mardi Gras there would be no contest..

  • stillajwexelder


  • jaffacake
    "Ask yourself this simple question: Can you truly, honestly, and without reservation, promise to love and serve someone who threatens to kill you if you don't?"

    Very well said, makes alot of sence.

    Except that has nothing to do with Christianity, contrary to JW and popular belief among many denominations.

    To answer the question - I'd try the nearest church to my house - Church of the Nazarene -

  • jaffacake
    God works in mysterious ways

    Howd 'ya know it was God Hib ?

  • kid-A

    "LATVIAN ORTHODOX" a la George Costanza.............

  • poppers

    From Sara Annie:

    "But when you take that fear out of the equation, when you remove the idea that the only purpose of your life is to gamble everything on the idea that paradise awaits if you can just toil through this miserable existence, you can start to appreciate what it means to be alive right now. You might start to see that today, this moment, is the prize. That it is more important and valuable than what might be waiting out there someday if you only suffer enough to get there.

    "And if you feel that freedom, if you learn that toiling and suffering just for the promise that it will all end one day, you start to see how all that fear has made you ignore the here and now. You just might decide that all that fear simply isn't worth it, and let it go.

    "And if you do that, if you realize that you don't have to buy into the fear they've been selling, they've lost you--and they can't afford to lose you."

    To Sara Annie: sounds like you are onto something truly life altering. Please post more of such thinking.


  • talesin

    Hey, I thought that was what it's all about,,, dog has a gun pointed to your head and says "Worship me, or else!"

    That being said, I would go to the Free Baptist Church, it's African-Canadian, 'cause they sing gospel and call out "allejuhah!" and "praise Jaysus!" and stuff, and that would be the most fun ... if I had to....


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