Would you go back?

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  • DannyHaszard

    [2 Peter 2:21-22] 21 It would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than to have known it and then to turn their backs on the sacred command that was passed on to them. 22 Of them the proverbs are true: "A dog returns to its vomit, and, "A sow that is washed goes back to her wallowing in the mud." "known the way of righteousness" note here the fraudulent Watchtower is NOT the way of "righteousness" so to go back to them IS going to the dogs. Armageddon-ain't-a-coming-ARM-A-GONNA-GET-IT-ON.DannyHaszard.com ------ Watchtower Whistleblower: Danny Haszard Bangor Maine Jehovah's Witnesses are the 'perfect storm' of deception-in a word they are the cult of Innuendo

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    This is the way I see it, because yes I have thought of that, fleetingly, but I have...

    I do believe there is something divine out there.

    If yes, the UN makes the statement of banning all religions, I would chalk that up to serious coincidence.

    Because, I cannot believe and refuse to believe that any divine being that has sense of right and wrong would destroy me as well as millions of others for not following a cult that destroys people's lives.

    So, no.

    Besides, maybe I'm wrong, but I can't see where the UN right now has that kind of power to look at the most powerful countries in the world and say that without blinking.

    But hey, never say never.



  • AlmostAtheist

    Gina and I hosted a little ex-JW get together a few months ago. A fella attended that was never baptized, but studied back in the 70's (post-75). He quit studying, but to this day he says he sees things on the news that make him wonder if he should go back. We all talked with him, explained the many failed predictions and totally flawed doctrines. He seemed relieved to know it wasn't all cut and dried and that JW's by no means have the "truth". I haven't seen or heard from him since, so for all I know he's slumped back into the JW mindset.

    Certainly there are thousands of people that have some JW-ism crawling around in their heads and it would probably move them to seek out a Kingdom Hall if something momentous were to happen.

    If God himself appeared to me and demanded that I return to Jehovah's Witnesses I might -- MIGHT -- check into a mental hospital, but I certainly would not ever check into a Kingdom Hall again. (Except maybe for the entertainment value of seeing a flock of mindless drones nodding their heads in agreement with whatever manure was being shoveled at them that night.)


  • littlerockguy

    "An old elder friend of mine told me that a CO told him after 9/11 the Kingdom Hall's were peppered with the old style pink songbooks."

    LMAO!! I can only imagine people going back with those pink songbooks and probably a lot of green bibles to boot. Pink and green together

  • DannyHaszard

    All cults instill phobias especially doomsday apocalyptic cults. My own last WT/JW indoctrination hold out was their 'prophecy' about the political powers turning on religion. Now i know there is nothing proprietary esoteric about that,everybody knows religion is the root of much of the world's problems,it's common sense. Don't forget also that the demons who inspire the Watchtower writings know prophecy. Go back?What amazes me is that the Watchtower still has a back or even a front for that matter. I was in since 1957 and i tell you that 100% of members in 1960 who participated in the "never to be repeated" "Truth" book campaigns of that era never believed the Watchtower (corporation) would still be up and running in 2005! Better to be an unbeliever and fall on God's mercy than be cast with the false 'profits'. ------ Watchtower Whistleblower: Danny Haszard Bangor Maine Jehovah's Witnesses are the 'perfect storm' of deception-in a word they are the cult of Innuendo

  • joelbear

    i'm sure all attendance at churches went up after 9/11. it was scary.

    i think its sad that the CO thought people being scared was funny.

  • delilah

    NO, I wouldn't go back, especially under those circumstances. If Jehovah can read the heart, then He would know the reason for my return, and it would be in vain, would it not? After all, that's what we were taught from the platform......just my 2 cents worth.....

  • Stress Free
    Stress Free

    Yes I think the only ones that would go back are those who left the jw's for all the wrong reasons, those whom never took the time to have a long hard look into the org. I am here speaking of the ones whom walked away maybe only because some brother or sister said something to upset them or some other trivial reason. However for ex jw's like the majority of you great people on this forum whom have done the homework on the org, there can never be any reason to go back.

  • steve2

    I'm prepared to acknowledge that you don't have to be a moron to join the JWs in the first place, but it probably helps (i.e., low number of active brain cells, a sucker for a tall story, poor research skills, high level of gullibility, etc). I would say, though, with 95% certainty, that anyone who leaves the religion and then decides to go back would have to be a moron.


  • JW83

    I would be too busy cheering the UN!

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