Which meetings did you hate the most?

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  • Es

    yeah i would have to say all of them, the only thing that got me excited was knowing i would see the guys i had crushes on heheh es

  • mrsjones5

    I really hated the theocratic ministry school. Mother kept bugging me to sign up. I think she signed me up as a child but when I got older I refused to sign back up. I also hated being there for the watchtower study. It was always an issue for my mother that I wouldnt raise my hand and answer any questions.


  • Sushi Crow
    Sushi Crow

    Some people have mentioned surviving the assemblies. Me, I liked assemblies because that was the only "family vacation" we ever had. Got away from town, ate out and sometimes assemblies were outside in the summer or in climate controlled buildings. When I got older, I used to prentend to take notes on what was happening. In fact, I was writing something else :) If it hadnt' been for the assemblies, we never would have went anywhere.

    Sushi Crow

  • evita

    The book study was agonizing for me.
    Having to get all dressed for just one hour was torture.
    The house was tiny, less than 800 sq. ft. if I remember correctly so we were crammed in like sardines. There was no way you could not comment without being noticed. No chance of going to the bathroom, doodling, or dozing off.
    The elders family was very cliquey; they laughed and snickered at their own private jokes through the whole meeting. The elder was a lech who told horrendous jokes. None of my friends attended this study.
    We had dessert maybe once in the 8 years I attended this study. My guess is they had dessert after my family left.
    My in-laws live on the same block as this book-study house so I pass by there all the time. Ugh!

  • kwintestal

    The ones held on days that ended in "y".


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