Which meetings did you hate the most?

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  • JH

    Out of the 5 weekly meetings, here are the ones I hated the most.

    In order

    1. Theocratic Ministry School ( I hated speaking in public) got me so nervous.

    2. Service Meeting ( too much crap and statistics and presentations)

    3. The book study ( just a waist of time )

    4. Watchtower study ( long and dull )

    5. Public talk ( sometimes interesting )

  • damselfly

    I didn't mind the watchtower study too much because I would amuse myself by reading the rest of the watchtower and switch words around to make it more interesting.

    Public talk, hit or miss, mostly miss

    Service meeting, good god! I don't care

    Theocratic ministry school, good if friends doing talk so as to poke fun afterwards bad if you are giving talk as will be made fun of afterwards

    Bible study, at least it was short.

  • lonelysheep

    I hated them in this order:

    Watchtower --boring as shit, lasted soooo much longer than it took my brain to read it.

    TMS/Service Meeting --I never went out in field service, and felt the most pressure to get baptized at these meetings. This is the meeting where I felt most reminded I wasn't shit in their organization till I was dipped.

    Book Study --I hated going to someone's house as 'work' instead of relaxation. I often wondered if anyone ever had fun, EVER!

    Public Talk --I often daydreamed when someone else watched the kids. Often Everytime, those daydreams led to naughty ones.

  • thom

    I hated the book study at someone's house. For some reason my daughter wouldn't act like a 45 year old who was interested in what was going on when she was 5. Of course we always got the seats right in the middle of the room.

  • littlerockguy

    the ministry school

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Any meeting where I was NOT interpreting.

    At least I could practice my skills and make interesting. AND I didn't have to focus too hard on WHAT they were saying.

  • Elsewhere

    All of them.

  • rocketman

    I couldn't stand any of them, but in order of total uselessness and boredom-inducement:

    1. Service Meeting

    This thing totally sucked. The only slightly useful part may have been the Announcements. Sometimes. After that, it went straight down the toilet with demos that seldom if ever portrayed reality, and awful round-table discussions that left the audience brain-dead.

    2. Public Talk

    45 minutes (used to be an hour!) of more mind-numbing sleep-inducement. If the speaker was anything less than scintillating, this thing was a total drag. Sometimes, a really good speaker could salvage it.

    3. Theocratic School

    The only thing that keeps this from being worse is that at least there's a variety of speakers, and the parts are generally short, so things seem to move along a bit. But, it's the worst of all the meetings to prepare for, and conducting this thing, which I did for several years, was a nightmare.

    4. Watchtower Study

    The only thing that saved this is that the audience got to participate. But all too often, answers droned on and on, and conductors kept up a snail's pace. And why read the paragraphs? This thing could be done in 30 minutes every week, just like it is during the CO's visit.

    5. Book Study

    This is the lesser evil only because it's the shortest meeting.

  • misspeaches

    De Pain!!! De Pain!!!

    blah the meetings. I never had a favourite to hate - I just disliked them all. Here's my take on them...

    Sunday Public Talk - Same old crappola spewing out over and over again. Way to bore me to tears. I spent most of these meetings writing notes in my notebook to my neighbour...

    Watchtower Study - An opportunity for the elders to make us all feel worthless and guilty for not answering up. I just didn't have the motivation. I spent most of these meetings trying to make my friends doing mics and WT reading laugh.

    Ministry School - If I had an assignment spending most of the school in a panic constantly reviewing my notes. If no assignment being bored silly at the bro's on the stage thinking they were espousing nuggets of gold... sigh

    Service meeting - the talks were short. thank goodness. I hated the announcements. either give us more money or where are your reports.

    Bookstudy - These were on a Thursday late night shopping. I couldn't go. Need I say more?

  • delilah

    I found them all extremely boring.....but especially the theocratic ministry school....I dislike public speaking.

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