Which meetings did you hate the most?

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  • Purza

    I think I hated the book study the most. You had to dress up and wear nylons for only an hour. And. . . people noticed if you didn't comment. Blah.


  • Stress Free
    Stress Free

    In this order;

    1. Theocratic Ministry School ( Just plain old boring, felt for those poor nervous folks up there )
    2. Watchtower Study ( Hated the study conductors smart arse remarks aimed at those who would'nt answer )
    3. Book Study ( Depended if there was a cup of tea & cake afterwards )
    4. Service Meeting ( Looked forward to see what local needs talk they would come up with, something we could have a great big laugh about after. This was the meeting they would come down on all the bad things we were doing)
    5. Public Talk ( If it was an interesting subject like the talk on sex and marriage, ha, ha.)
  • buffalosrfree

    I hated the non school, the misery school or whatever term yu want to give it. People doing bad job told they done good, People do a good job and they have to say something bad about it. What a bunch of hoooeeey.

    The Sales errr Service meeting had very little going for it except its ending, that was always my best part of the sales/service meeting. absolutely worthless waste of time.

    Other than those two I hated the rest of them.

  • vitty

    It makes you wonder out of the 6 million witness how many of them HATE the meetings and find them boring.

  • tsunami_rid3r

    those thursday night meetings, school and service meeting are so pointless. i dont need them, and all they talk about is how to better convert people. i hate this religion and yet im almost free.

  • Ellie

    I didn't mind the book study so much because of the food at the end, and the public talk was sometimes ok, depending on the speaker and the subject, but the others were just way too boring.

  • Leolaia

    My list:

    1. Service Meeting (Boring as hell, marketing sales techniques didn't hold much interest)

    2. Theocratic Ministry School (Had some interesting Bible discussion, but part of Thursday meetings which I hated with a vengeance)

    3. Watchtower Study (Often dry and uninteresting, but not as bad as the Thursday meetings)

    4. Public Talk (Usually given by jovial elders, less boring overall)

    5. Book Study (Only one hour, usually at the elder's house with the awesome library, and go out with friends later for ice cream or dinner)

  • dedpoet

    All the lot of them, no preference, but I hated the assemblies and dcs more

  • DannyBloem

    From top, hated most, to well less annoying

    1) Watchtower study. Boring as hell, takes always longer then 1 hour. Had a congregation where the talks were mostly only 40 miniuts, still the conductor, knew how to make the WT study end 10-15 minutes late. That is more then 1 1/2 hour for a few simple paragraphs.

    2) service meeting. Never anything to do. It did not help it was the second meeting also.

    3) bookstudy. Well, you had to answer or you were appointed. But anyway, there was room for soem jokes and fun, sometimes.

    4) public talk. it depended the speaker. But sometimes the time went quicker to make a list of stupid things he said.

    5) theocratic ministry school. much more time spend preparing, then the elders who did the service meeting. More refreshing because sisters had parts.

    When I did the TMS and a BS, these were the most interesting, went the quickest, because you had to participate.
    Liked to give comments on the talks by the brothers and sisters
    hated the preparation though. hated it more when you as conductor was the only one who did not prepare


  • PaulJ

    The Service meeting was dire, as well as the group study if the book was a bit hard going. I always seemed to be in the group with all the older folks!

    The Public talk was awful if the brother giving it wasnt a good speaker. Or had a monotone voice that droned on and on and on.

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