"You guys are the most preachy atheists I've ever met!"

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  • GetBusyLiving

    A Christian friend of mine had a melt down this weekend and screamed at my roommate about both of us being "preachy atheists". He also said, in talking about me, that "I can see it in his eyes, he think's he's right!" It was after a bunch of drinks at a bar and my roommate said that he was nearly in tears. I've only chatted with this guy about it twice, and I only got into it because he told me he believes I'm going to hell. Maybe my Dub preachiness has crossed over with my freshly blossomed atheism.. and has formed an evil monster bent on making Christian fundies cry. Should I just shut the hell up when normies start talking about spiritual topics? I've met so many people that have IMO f******** up wishy washy beliefs these days. I'm a reasonably happy-go-lucky guy but I become the dark cloud of atheism that can't help but roll eyes when ever, you know, I hear some girl at a party say that she doesn't believe in God but is very spiritual.


  • BrendaCloutier

    Oh Cawed, nothing worse than a born-again athiest! Caw Caw Cawed!

    Love ya, GBL!

  • RunningMan

    "You make baby Jesus cry." - Ralph Wiggum

  • RunningMan

    Oops, sorry. That was Rod Flanders.

  • doogie
    "I can see it in his eyes, he think's he's right!"

    hey GBL, in the words of my brother (back before i realized he's a jackass), "of course i think i'm right. what kind of moron thinks they're wrong?"

    when i left i went through a period where i said, everyone should be able to believe whatever they want! then i realized how naive that is, and changed it to, well, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. a little while later i changed that to, well, as long as their beliefs can reconcile dependable science. for awhile i would try to...umm...*enlighten* them on just what i meant by "dependable science." they didn't like that. now i just believe what i believe and don't let anyone try to get away with any crap if i'm having a conversation with them. seems to work a lot better.

    there's no shame in knowing you're right if you can prove that you are.

  • BrendaCloutier

    Like my last husband said "Brenda, you have this need to be right all the time" and I responded "That's usually because I am!"

  • hamsterbait

    He' s terrified because your arguments are convincing. The same reaction I get when I point things out to dubs that they can't deny.

    If you were arguing creepy jesus talk he would not even remark how convinced you eyes looked.

    As for spirituality. This is a state of human consciousness or being at a particular moment. I don't see it as less real than other states of mind. It has produced beautiful music poetry and art, and does not depend on the existence or other wise of the tooth fairy or Santa claus.



  • Cognitive_Dissident

    Sounds more like he's battling with his own beliefs than he is having trouble swallowing yours. I know that I personally went through a few similar breakdowns when I found out someone very close to me was visiting this site. It was a mix of anger, betrayal and pain, but ultimately the reason it pissed me off so much was because it was threatening my insular little world. And in the end, here I am. And I love where I am now. Regardless of what I believe now, I'm infinitely better of than I was when I was blinded by fundamentalism, because I'm more peaceful now. Which is not to say I spend each day cross-legged and contemplating my navel, but I don't feel threatened by the beliefs of others any more.

  • GetBusyLiving

    Thanks for the replies you guys. I think I've just been wearing this guy down the more I think about it. Everytime there's a Jesus reference in a movie I sort of snicker and say, "Jebus, hehe". He got stoned for the first time ever a few weeks ago and I screamed "GOD IS DEAD" in his face sporadically during a NIN concert DVD. Little things like that I think have been maybe getting to him.


  • talesin
    I've only chatted with this guy about it twice, and I only got into it because he told me he believes I'm going to hell.

    Well, I would say he 'asked for it' if he told you that you're going to hell. He hardly knows you, and he was drunk when he got all upset, right? I wouldn't be too concerned... he is probably upset because either your arguments made too much sense or he couldn't convince you there is a dog.


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