People who never cry....

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  • JH

    Does this mean that they have less feelings, or that they were taught not to show their feelings, or they don't have any?

  • Ellie

    I think it just depends on the person, I was always taught not to show my feelings but I'm a rebel and a very sensitive soul.

  • ButtLight

    I dont know, but I cry is someone says "boo" to me wrong!

  • JH

    No "Boos to Buttlight"

    Just nice words

  • JH

    I know a lady that never cries. Her son passed a way a few years ago, and she didnt even shed a tear at the funeral. She never did show much emotion.

    I wonder what she has in her heart???

  • JH

    Her brother's wife passed away last week-end, and just about everyone was crying but her.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    My mother-in-law doesn't cry. She is mean. When she hurts my feelings i cry, instead of telling her she was mean. Then she goes around defending herself, and telling everybody about my crocodile tears. She will also be telling a story about so-n-so and talk about their crocodile tears. She will even tell you herself about not shedding any tears when her husband of 51 years died. I haven't figured out if she is proud of this or not. HL

  • GetBusyLiving

    When my nan died a little while ago all of her daughters were talking about who had cried and who hadn't. I don't think you can gauge how much somebody cared about someone else by the amount of tears they shed. People deal with their stuff differently.


  • sonnyboy
    When my nan died a little while ago all of her daughters were talking about who had cried and who hadn't.

    That's tasteless. Some people simply don't cry in public. I haven't 'publicly' cried during any one of my grandparent's funerals, and I was somewhat close to them. Not as close as I should have been, but we spent a lot of time together.

    Her daughters don't know who cried privately.

  • undercover

    I'm one of those who rarely crys. It's just not in me. It's not that I'm cold or heartless, it just doesn't hit me the same way or at the same time. I grieve and mourn in private or away from others.

    When I was 18 my grandfather died, who I was very close to and I refused to cry. I had to be tough, like he was. Years later, when another family member died and was buried near my grandfather, I walked over to my grandfather's grave and as I looked at it and remembered him, I completely lost it. I had to be helped back to the car.

    So just because someone doesn't cry at the funeral or in front of others doesn't mean their heartless or cruel. They're just dealing with it in a different way.

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