Anybody from Waltham or Newton Massachusetts?

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  • coffee_black

    Hi Lawrence,

    I remember the assemblies at Cambridge Latin... It really wasn't my circuit, but we used to circuit jump a lot...


  • lawrence

    Hi Coffee!

    Yeah Cambridge Latin assemblies. I can still see the kitchens, and the picnic tables in the hallways, the lines, and the ice cold baptismal pool in the winter. I gave a witness when I jumped out of there, and became a 1975 believer of Fred Franz and the delusional mind of WTS dogma (in 1972). Isn't that the school that Patrick Ewing went to when they went to the State finals? I just pictured the main hall, and the flowers on the stage. We really believed that stuff?!

  • observador

    "i live in ri, but work in norwood."

    Oh man, what a small world...
    Maybe we can talk over lunch one of these days.


  • Apostanator

    I was in the same hall as gerry montipoli ( hyde park ) and Minimus, I Luv Ya, cause you say it as it is. He thought his sh*t didn't stink. Alan went to hyde park for a while and I always wondered why Jane had dark circles under her eyes, she tried to cover them up with make up, but I could see right through it.

    I worked for gerry one summer and talk about dr jeckel and mr hyde, this guy was nearly impossible to work for. One hot summer day, a brother and I were digging a trench to lay cable on one of gerry's sites, it was so hot, we took 5 minutes to lean on our shovels to catch our breath. Gerry comes tearing out of his air conditioned trailer and starts yelling at us because we were not doing the job correctly. He grabs the shovel out of my hand and says " now watch how I do it ". Well, you see we were standing next to gerry on the side that he had his glass eye, so we backed away from him and watched him dig for a couple of minutes, when he got tired, he went to hand the shovel back to me.We weren't there !!! Ya, we're digging for over 5 hours and he comes out of his air conditioned trailer dug for 5 minutes . The look on his face was priceless. We laughed our asses off.

    By the way, my wife was from Waltham,Newton and Revere, she's sleeping right now but I'll show her the post. I'm sure she has things to add.

  • out of the box
    out of the box

    I really LOVE all these stories! It wasn't just ME who saw these things!!! And THEY had the nerve to make lil ole ME feel bad?????? I didn't know about the glass eye... no wonder I felt weird when he looked at me!

    Anyway, how about these names?

    Jim Tripani, David Abboud, Jim Monroe, Mastriani, Washburn, Yeradi, Mark & Dorcus Sherman, Gerard Pelletier, Ellen Crowe... well that is all I can think of ritght now from the Waltham/Newton cong. from back then.

    out of the box

  • Buster

    Okay, one mre for the Montopoli pile.

    They built our Hall in Franklin, MA. The guy was a dick. I remember at least one brother that quit working for him because he was afraid of being stumbled. But you gotta be a bit over-the-top to achieve in the construction biz. He was also an occasional fill-in as a CO.

    Funny that no one mentioned his daughter. I can't remember her name. But my god, she was jaw-droppingly gorgeous. I mentioned it to my mother when the circuit work brought them to Franklin - sans the daughter. What did my mother do? She went straight to Mrs. Montopoli and told her - painful moment.

  • Apostanator

    Hey Buster........It was the condos in Franklin that I worked at when I worked for him. By the way his daughters names were Debbie ( the older one ) and Carrie ( the younger one ).

    Hey do you know Ric and Pam Bonnell??

  • Uzzah

    Did any of you know folks in Gloucester or Newburyport/Amesbury?

    Anderson's (AM/PM Cleaning)

    Donald Worth

    Joanne Orlando

    Sideris (spelling?)

    Loffgren (Nancy, Lisa) I think Nancy married Bruce Ignacio

  • DannyHaszard

    Active JW Haszard clan from greater Beverly Mass area what's left of them they gave their heart soul and money to the Watchtower and then they died.

    I ain't seen em for over 20 years thank you watchtower for busting up my family to pieces.

  • Buster

    Carrie! Just what I needed, a name to go with that face, all the more to keep it plastered in my mind all these years later.

    So, you worked in the condos? Which ones? I'm gonna guess the ones up the hill, behind the high school?

    Funny you should ask about Ric Bonnell. He got to the Franklin hall just as I was leaving. I never met him. But we corresponded a bit when I found him here. He knows all my friends and the formerly JW side of my family. But he was a strange story. You see, he and a friend used to stir up quite a bit of trouble here on this board. Perhaps you know the Rizzo brothers of Northbridge and Framingham? Well, they seemed to delight is ticking off everyone here with anti-jewish and holocaust denial threads.

    I never did find a way to reconcile the two personae: the abusrd and provocative stances taken on threads here, and the sincere, thoughtful family man I knew through personal correspondence. My best guess was that he has a skewed sense of humor and was bored, so he liked to stir things up.

    What was Ric's JWD name, you ask? A lot of the oldsters here remember. Ric Bonnell is ... da da d daaah ... Pomegranate. Take a look at his old stuff.

    Do you know any other folks from Franklin? I'm gonna go now to read some your other stuff to see if I can find any clues.

    - Cliff 'Buster' Smith

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