Long Overdue Respect & Admiration: BIG TEX & CRUZANHEART

by RAYZORBLADE 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • Angharad
    Yes, Chris and Nina are wonderful people! Upon meeting them, you would swear that you have known them all of your life,

    Very nicely put

    Sorry we didnt get to see you all in July, hope we can get togther again soon !

  • Sunspot

    Since I've been on JWD, have always like them a lot by their posts. (What wasn't to like?)

    Only recently have I come to know Chris a bit better (through his poignant posts on those dreadful topics and even more dreadful comments put forth by "another"), and through some very sweet and caring PMs that were so appreciated. "Special" doesn't even begin to describe him.

    Thanks, Ray, for this thread and thank you Chris and Nina for just being who you are.

    hugs always,


  • jgnat

    ((((Utopian Reformist)))) It is absolutely wonderful to see you out and about! It says a lot about the kind of man you are to come out giving to a couple who deserve all the kudos.

    I can't make a heart big enough for Chris and Nina, salt of the earth those two.

  • Mecurious?
  • Eyebrow2

    they really are the bomb

  • Billygoat

    Ray, what a perfect thread!

    Upon meeting them, you would swear that you have known them all of your life, that is how comfortable they make you feel.


    This is exactly how I've always felt myself! And btw, we are thrilled you'll soon be a part of our Texas family. Will you then be texancowboy?

    (((((Nina and Chris)))))

    I love you man!!!


  • Sparkplug

    I agree with all of the comments. Nina made entrance painless. Thanks Always

  • codeblue

    They are truly kind people!!!

    People that I would one day love to meet!!!

    Very kind to new posters!!! Which, when we all begin our new jouney need support...which they have done just that.

    Thank you Big Tex and Nina...

    love ya both!!!


  • Rabbit

    I agree whole-heartedly with everyone else. They truly are 'good people', we've met them several times. I very much admire their kind outspokeness on sensitive subjects that help others have the strength to speak up.

    I'll toast them...both

    Your friends, da Wabbits

  • LyinEyes

    Nina and Chris are great and I agree they have contributed so much to this forum . I remember the first time I met Nina in person at the Dallas Apostofest ,,,,,,,we just talked and hugged in the Ladies bathroom, as if we were long lost friends. We will always share a sad part of ourselves, because we both a parent to commit suicide , largely due to JW bull&*(*&. We are able to just have someone that has lived thru it and that helps.

    Chris has always understood me in ways that I didnt even understand and has taught me to take my time in my healing , after all he has been thru, he doesnt turn away from anyone, even thou it has to be painful for him to hear other's stories. He is always caring about others and goes out of his way to talk about anything.

    Hugs to both of you!!

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