Did you blindly accept all the JW teachings?

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  • mrsjones5

    As a child - yes. When I grew up - No.

  • kls

    No , there was always something nagging at be about their doctrine and i remember going to meeting and hearing the same things over and over , just worded different but the same meaning. The more i listened it seemed more like a religion (cult ) that was teaching how people were to be murdered and then i started to wake up.

  • Gill

    Yes! I was brainwashed from birth! It suited my ego to think I was special and chosen by Jehovah out of all the crappy people around me, to be with his 'special people' and live forever in paradise on earth.

    What a dumb ass I was! In fact, as sympathetic as I am to brainwashed JWs, the dumbness of actually believing that is what makes me so cross.

  • Honesty
    Yes I did ... hook, line and sinker. It never even occurred to me that they might be lying to me. I mean really, these are people with the highest of all moral standards. They would never blatantly lie to me - would they? I think that logic is part of the reason the R&F put up with 'new light'. They don't believe that the GB would deliberately deceive them. By the time I witnessed the third flip-flop, I didn't care if it was intentional or not - they were lying!!!!!

    Sweet tea, I saw myself in your reply. I never in my wildest dreams would have entertained the thought that they unknowingly mislead me let alone deliberately lied to me about anything. They were the faithful slave. They had been appointed by God himself to take care of me. They were not interested in money because they never passed a plate. They had so many words of wisdom to impart about how the world was soooo baaaad and the JW's were all sooo good. and then , after 13 years of believing that they could do no wrong I finally realised that their moral standards were worse than any false Christians I knew at work. When I woke up to the double lives most of them were having to live in order to keep from being shunned by their loved ones it all started to crumble around my ears. Why did they live 'secret' lives? Why did they constantly get told how not to live from the platform but were never given any real instructions on how to get along with others. Then it hit me that they don't have the Holy Spirit in their lives and never will as long as they are affiliated with the WTBTS/JW organisation.

  • mad max
    mad max

    I remember one day Loubelle was studing from the Aid Book, ans sdhe came out of her bedroom and said she just does not think that only 144t will go to heaven.

    I had the same feelings and went to see one of the "annointed" and asked him how he know he is one, reply to me was " just as I know I am a man and you know that you are a women, that is how I know" that did not jell with me.

    But I still stayed both Loubelle and me for quite a few years, BUT with all other nagging thought.

    Now I know the only way to to Christ is being born again with the Holy Spirit and they an't got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but I have now I am 144t and ONE. ha ha

  • mamochan13

    I thought I did, but in retrospect, there were things I questioned. Not so much the big doctrinal stuff, because I could always find some scriptural explanation that made sense (even if it was pulling verses out of context). It was the stuff that had no real explanation - like not celebrating birthdays, or women not wearing pants, or no beards. I guess I didn't really believe in disfellowshipping, either, because I ignored the rules plenty of times.

    I was raised that way, which explains why many of us were pretty much brainwashed. You cannot fault a child for believing in how their parents bring them up, its normal.

    it's only now that I'm out and have gone to university that I understand the power of critical thinking. It's what really liberates us. JW children are not brought up to be free, independent thinkers. Their natural child's curiosity is squashed out of them.

  • PaulJ

    I was a sheep and i followed. I would have done anything they wanted without question. I feel a bit stupid, but realise how brainwashed i must have been.

  • mad max
    mad max


    I tried to tell my mom, sister, nephew and rest of family, BEFORE i was D'Fed this year about how wrong the society were etc and how I looked back on their histroy but to NO AVAIL. (now its no go, it is no talking now). That is why the society D'F us, so that we cannot go talking to our family.

    That is how they are ALL kept in the dark and cannot SEE.

    I suppose I just forgot that is how (to some extent) I believed. Though I did not beleive in disfellowshiping and many other things as well, but I just kept on going.

  • LouBelle

    Initially as a child & a teenager I accepted everything, I honestly didn't go and do the research or use other literature as that was deemed apostate, however as I hit my early/mid 20's I realised that I personally didn't agree with a lot of things. But it was only at the beginning of this year that I actually vocalised them to everyone and started doing the research & looking up other literature.

  • Bryan

    I took it all as the TRUTH. If Mother would have said jump... I would have jumped.


    Have You Seen My Mother

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