Im Sad! My Mom is slowly dying from a rare disease!

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  • MerryMagdalene

    So so sorry (((((((BL)))))))


  • Golf

    She needs immediate attention. I would strongly stress her condition to your doctor. Best friends help one another at all costs.

    Please don't wait until an emergency arises, take action. My best.


  • Been there
    Been there

    I am so sorry Buttlight,

    That would be a horrible thing to watch. My father-in-law had Alzhiemers for years. Seeing them daily you often don't realize how far down they are because compared to yesterday they aren't much different but from month to month the change is much more noticeable.

    It is so painful to watch the one you love still be there but not know who you are. It becomes a very long process of letting go. If there is a support group near you it might help you emotionally and they will have ways to best help your Mom. You need to protect her now by not letting her be alone and having access to things that will hurt her (cig. & lighter), maybe you could get her on the Patch to help her quit. If it was my fil we could have told him he just had one.

    Take care of yourself physically and emotionally, you are in for a long ride. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Been there

  • Country_Woman
    I certainly don't belong in a position to advise you, but I'm quite sure, no matter how heartbreaking it might be to experience, that I would house and look after my aged and ill father/mother in a NY minute. And if they accidentally did something irresponsible and e.g. burned down the house, so be it. My love and feelings of responsibility towards my aged parents would outweigh that scenario. After all, they spent with me, raising me, as a naive child who could have done extreme damage. Nursing homes have their place, but I'll reiterate a notion you described, I'd sleep on the pull-out sofa if need be.

    years ago, one of my favorite aunts got alzheimer. Het stepdaughter (who was in that time the head of a nursing home) told me: don't take her with you (my aunt asked me to do so) it is impossible when you can't stay home the whole time - and she needed someone permanent around her. Her stepdaughter took her in. For her (and me) it was much better that way - I was a single mother and had to go to my work.... ------------------------------------- the bottomline is: you can't take her in when she is a danger for herself and the ones around her.....

  • ButtLight

    Well at this very point, she isnt quite that bad, but yes, I do need to do something soon. As for prepping her for the doctor, at the beginning, it worked, but now it doesnt, cause she forgets by the time she goes in. So her doctor knows how she is. We have her on a program through the Aging Resource Center. I take care of her every day, pick her up and bring her to my house for dinner, cause she cant cook anymore. I make sure her pill box is filled, but she does take her meds on her own like she should thank god. But yes, I guess I should call them and ask where i could put her besides a nursing home. We live in a small town, and the nursing home here has mostly older people. She is only 66. My dad was in there for 8 months due to a stroke, and he was so depressed cause he was too young. I just cant do that to her. I will find out my options and let you all know what they have her for her. Thanks for your support all!

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I'm so sorry BL

  • devinsmom

    I never know what to say about these things other than Im sorry to hear about that. You seem like a strong intelligent person and I think you will find a way to get through this....(((((((((((((buttlite)))))))))))))))


  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    BL, I really understand your pain, lost my dad 1 year ago the 20th of this month to a brain tumor. We did home hospice and quite frankly it was rough.

    There have been lots of good suggestions and I can't recommend Hospice enough, they were the most amazing people organization I have ever dealt with.

    My thoughts are with you.

  • Preston

    I'm sorry girl about what's happening to your mom

    I've had something similar happen in my own family and I hope she's not in too much pain

    - Preston

  • ButtLight
    I can't recommend Hospice enough, they were the most amazing people organization I have ever dealt with.

    How does that work? I think my grandma had that. She is here just about everyday, so it wouldnt bother me much to have her here, until she cant take care of herself anymore. I couldnt handle that. And she doesnt want me too either.

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