Im Sad! My Mom is slowly dying from a rare disease!

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  • ButtLight

    She has something called, corticobasildegeneration. Yeah I know what a name! Its a disease that shrinks the brain, and there is no cure for it! I see her rapidly going downhill. She still lives on her own, but yet I dont think she should. I want her to move in with me, but there is no room for her. I have checked into places, but they dont allow smoking or pets, which she does or has both! I wont put her in a home, she is not ready for that yet, so what do I do? She was over tonight, and was flicking the ashes off her lighter, instead of her cig! 5 times she put her lighter in the ashtray, and one time her drink! I just dont know what to do anymore. I took her to the bar, cause thats what she wanted to do. She had a half of a drink, and just couldnt function at all! She couldnt open her purse, light a cig, or even hang on to it, she kept dropping it on the floor! What should I do?

  • JH

    That's so sad ((((Buttlight)))). I know that you take care of your mom every day, and you're doing your best for her.

    It must be so sad to see her get worse so quickly....

  • stillajwexelder

    I am so sorry - thinking of you and saying alittle prayer that she does not suffer too much

  • JH

    Since when is she this way Buttlight, and what do the doctors have to say?

  • lonelysheep

    I have heard of it before. I'm sorry (((buttlight))) !!

  • Sunspot

    Is there a county office for the aging where you live? That would be the place where older ones can apply for HEAP and for finding out where they can get Flu shots that are subsidized...that kind of thing. They go under different names in the phone book, but when you find them....they will have suggestions to help you I'm sure.

    I am so sorry to hear of this, it is heartbreaking.

    warm hugs,


  • jeanniebeanz

    I'm very sorry to hear this, Buttlight.

    From what I understand, she could actually become a danger to herself and others though, and rather quickly. I know you don't want to put her in a home, but you'd feel even worse if she burnt her house down with her in it.

    What a terrible thing to have to go through...I'd keep looking for some kind of home that may accept at least one pet? Just a suggestion but it sounds like you are both going to need some professional help pretty soon.



  • ButtLight

    they took her drivers licence away about a year and a half ago, and she was on alzhimers (spelling) medication, but it didnt help. They dont know what to treat her with, cause there is no cure. So they try the meds for alzhimers to help a bit. I dont tell her doctor how bad she is, cause they can take charge and put her in a home! So I prep her before each visit, hoping she will remember what day it is, and year and all that shit they ask her! Maybe thats wrong on my part, but i will not let them put her in a nursing home! I would rather sleep on the couch and give her my bed!

  • talesin

    Are there any programs where she could have a 'live-in'? I know that here, we have such for those who are afflicted with mental illness.

    This is very sad, BL. I'm so sorry. ((HUG)) for you, and afor mom.


  • ButtLight
    From what I understand, she could actually become a danger to herself and others though, and rather quickly.

    Thats what scares me! But she can live to be 100! Her body is in perfect condition, but the mind is going! They said she will be a vegetable, before she dies, due to the brain shrinkage! She asked me to just let her die, before i let her live like that!

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