Did I call on you?

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  • rebel8

    You may want to mention more details...what year was it, etc.

  • katiekitten

    Welcome Ackack!

    Wasnt me either - were eliminating options at a rate of knots here, last person on the board who hasnt replied MUSTbeen the one!

    "Snappy Comebacks from the Scriptures"

    Yea, wouldnt that have been a great book!

    What about "Young People sigh and roll their eyes, wot-evaaa...."

  • MidwichCuckoo
    Wasnt me either - were eliminating options at a rate of knots here

    Is somebody keeping track of all those it wasn't?

  • jgnat

    Whenever I think of Ack Ack I think of this little guy, LOL.

  • bebu

    Welcome, ackack!!

    Here's a map of folks who've put down their region... Hope you find your apostate if he's here!!



  • BrendaCloutier

    jgnat - you beat me to it!

    One of my fav scriptures is Deut 18:20-22 on false prophets.

  • kazar

    'Twasn't me either, but, welcome Ackack and hope we'll be hearing more from you.

  • ackack

    the year ... i think it was in 2003.

    my story incidently, is one of abuse within a marriage... but abuse from my wife.

    its a pretty long and detailed story, but its also an interesting story from the perspective of how the watchtower simply does not *get* personality disorders

    there is a sense within the orginization that unless there is an awake article on it, it doesn't exist (at least in the health dept.), but once the article comes out, its almost faddish to have that disease/disorder.

    borderline personality disorder, i speculate (which is wrong, i know!), will never be written about in the watchtower publication because it simply mirrors the relationship many have with the orginization itself. infact, reading up on it, is rather disturbing (from that point of view)

    perhaps its enlightening.. lemme post a link
    Borderline personality disorder

    this isn't the best description (the best description is prolly in DSM IV) but it gives you an idea of my five year hellcapade

    i still managed to be a good ms in the time, did my public talks, always did fillins, kept my misery to myself, barely slept.

    once i woke up with chest pains (at 27) i knew it was time to get out... but getting out of one abusive relationship tends to open you up to getting out of other abusive relationships. :)

  • Quotes

    I'm in Toronto, but I don't think you called on me.

    Someone else is currently calling on me, but they don't know I'm a former member... heh heh heh...

    ~Quotes, of the "Toronto" class

  • shera

    Welcome Ackack!

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