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  • tijkmo

    the problem with not taking the cdw is...true- not your car country or problem once you leave

    but since they will almost certainly have your credit card details they will charge you for any bumps scratches losses that they think you are responsible for...and then you are have to prove otherwise.. difficult to do once you are back home

  • Mary
    RodP said: WHAT IF YOU: 1) Sold your car and used the sale proceeds to pay off your car loan. You most likely would even have some money left over.

    You're right I would, but then I'd have no way to get to work. There's no public transportation from where I live to the city where I work and it's much too far to even ride a bike. I've got two choices: either move extremely close to work and sell the car, or drive in. I'd hate to leave where I live as I've lived here most of my life and most of my family and friends are here. On the other hand, I'm getting sick to death of forking out shitloads of money for transportation every month.

    2) At that point, you no longer would have insurance payments or gas expenses. I'd have some, because I still need some sort of a vehicle.

    4) Suppose you set yourself a goal, say for a period of 10 years out of your life.

    My goal in the next 10 years is to marry somebody who's rich. Your advice is good though........I'm going to have to make some hard decisions soon.

  • confusedjw

    2 points:

    yet I'm paying $2,000.00 for insurance!

    Yeah, but in real money (not loonies) that's like what $600?


    Have you noticed that ALL the tallest buildings in a city are insurance buildings?

  • Mary

    Lemme see, maybe I just need to pray more and go out in Service more...yes, I'm sure that'll make the cost of owning a car go down...........I just got a call from my sister (who works in insurance). She asked one of her brokers to shop around for me and it looks like I might be able to get one for $129.50 a month..........that's about $45.00 a month cheaper which is good.....I'm also considering going out to one of the Indian reserves and filling up the car there.......certain ones will sell to non-natives. It's about 1/3 cheaper than at the regular pumps, so that's an option too.............

    I just need to win the damn lottery that's all!

  • katiekitten

    If you go to Liverpool you can fill up on red diesel. Thats real cheap cos the IRA sell it! (and its illegal)

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