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  • foreword

    Mary, do I feel for ya...feel for all actually...cause we all have to pay. The biggest scams are protected by law, are law, imagine that. And to top it off, you can't fight them, can't boycott them, if you do, it will cost you more. Actually, boycotting high insurance premiums will probably get you jail time for not supporting their scams.

    Like Jim Carrey says in Liar, piss and moan, then bend over and take it up the tailpipe.

    But you know what, exploitation has limits, and I think it's reaching a critical level, since you're not the only one feeling it, this is getting common. The pool of people at the bottom being sucked dry is getting larger everyday, people pushed into depression cause they can't make ends meet. Some are bound to get desperate, and since fighting these issues in court is useless, desperate people do desperate things.

    Collapse is coming either through uprisings or economic meltdown. One or both. When? Can't tell you. My suggestion to you is this. First, learn to ride it out without getting too depressed. Just make sure you build yourself a backup supply of food, enough to see you through the initial blow, six months or so. When this thing screeches to a halt, you don't want to be the kind of person who was shopping for food on a daily basis. Local grocery stores will be empty in a few days. Besides you don't want to be among the fighting for the last can of beans.

    Don't panic, you have time. Although I'm not totally prepared, I work on it gradually, and I'm starting to have a little stash. I've included a few bottles of multi vitamins, since most foods available to you then will be starches you will need them to insure you receive a balanced diet, and not suffer from malnutrition. Some water also especially if you live with city supplied water.

    I know this sounds extremely pessimistic but when I look around I really don't see any other outcome, so I don't pay attention to those who say our economy is strong, I just get ready.

    Since you're at the bottom having a hard time it won't appear that bad for you. You're already living hardships and dealing with stress. However, I just can't wait to see the rich scrounging for food in the dumpsters, that will certainly make my day.


    edited to add: In those days I might share my stash with a poor person but definitely not someone who used to own an SUV.

  • Mary
    I don't pay attention to those who say our economy is strong, I just get ready.

    I agree........the economy is only artificially strong----people are up to their eyeballs in debt and credit is the only thing that's keeping the economy afloat. Even credit has it's limits thought, and I think that one day, the whole damn thing is gonna come crashing down so hard and fast that it'll make the Crash of '29 look like a banquet in comparison.

    The pool of people at the bottom being sucked dry is getting larger everyday, people pushed into depression cause they can't make ends meet. Some are bound to get desperate, and since fighting these issues in court is useless desperate people do desperate things.

    You got that right......hell I even thought about taking a trunk full of Cuban cigars across the border and sell them to the Yankees at a damn good price........but knowing my luck, I'd end up selling the first one to an undercover cop and get my ass thrown in the slammer.........I've got a couple of good ideas for marketing a product, but I'm not sure how to go about getting it on the shelves.....I'll have to look into it.

  • the_classicist

    You should move to BC, we have the cheapest car insurance (due to the crown company ICBC) in Canada.

  • lola28

    Hey Mary,

    Are you in the US and if so can you say what state you are in? You said that you had an accident five years ago I don't know what state you reside in but in California accidents stay on your driving record for three years regardless of whose fault the accident is. However if you have an accident that was not your fault, for example if some one hit you from behind then thats what is called a "non chargable accident" and you insurance company can not increase your premium because of it. You must however show proof that the accident was not your fault.

    Also what coverage do you have? You may be paying more if you have as JH said full coverage which is liability and Comprehensive and Collision, if you are financing your vehicle then the finance company would require comp/collision coverage and depending on what State you are in liability coverage could be required under state law. Find out from your agent exactly what your coverages are, do you have uninsured motorist protection, medical payments, rental car and towing? If you have "full cover" what are your deductibles?

    If you have more than one car you should be getting a multi car discount and if you have not had any accidents and violations in the last three years you should also be getting good driver discount. You should really shop around because from the info you have given it seems to me that you may be over paying by at least forty dollars.

    Do the following:

    1. If you are in the US get a copy of you MVR (driving record) you can get copy of this at the DMV for five to ten dollars.

    2. write down what coverages you need and want for example do you need comp/collision coverage? If so what do you want your deductibles to be? 99% of the time getting a higher deductible will get you lower monthly payments.

    3. Get out your phone book and start getting quotes. Make sure to give all the correct info to the agent giving you the quote if you have any violations on you MVR make sure to disclose them to the person giving you the quote if not tell them you have a clean driving record.If you are getting full coverage it is a good idea to give the VIN # to the agent so that they know exactly what car you want to insure and can give you a more accurate quote.

    4. Ask about broker fees, this alone could save you a ton of money, in many states the broker selling you the insurance is required by law to disclose the ammount of his/her broker fee. Remember that broker fees are negotiable.


  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    Actually, sorry to correct you Mary, Car Insurance is the 2nd biggest ripoof

    Motorcycle insurance is the BIGGEST ripoff, you CAN NOT buy Motorcycle insurance for 6 months or monthly, you HAVE TO PURCHASE IT for an entire year, ever seen the winters in Alberta, tell me why the f--k we need to pay for Motorcycle Insurance during Winter months.

    Insurance Companies = Scam City

    maybe the Watchtower will go into the Insurance Business

  • ballistic

    $175.00 a month

    Blinking Heck! If I told you how much I pay for fully comprehensive insurance for my motorbike you'd cry!

    Under 119 pounds per year!

  • blondie

    Check around a variety of companies getting competing quotes. I did that one year when I felt our insurance was too high.

    There are many factors involved, one which is your driving record. My hubbie got one small out of state speeding ticket which raised our rates for 3 years.

    Ways to save

    Combine 2 vehicles

    Combine with your house insurance through same company

    Good driving record (some companies give you a discount for having no accidents)

    Not carrying comprehensive/collision on a vehicle 8 years or older

    Not letting a teenager drive (can zoom up your rates; might be chepaer to find different ways of transport)

    Type of car you drive (sporty=more money; certain cars are more likely to be stolen..check with company to see if that figures in)

    Things you can't control as easily

    Where you live, when I lived in New York I could not believe how much more expensive it was from where I did live.

    Being involved in an accident that is not your fault


  • AllAlongTheWatchtower

    Hey, it could be worse, you could be me, lol. My car is a 95 Chevy, bought and paid for, so no payments to worry about. That's the good part about owning an old car. Oh, and my insurance is about 50 bucks (US currency) a month. Of course, the bad part about owning an old car is that they aren't as reliable as newer cars. I'm still paying on my card from the last repair I had done, which was $900. I have that balance down to $400 now. I need another repair now though, and can't afford to have it fixed at the moment, so I have to carry jugs of water everywhere I go, and at every stop refill the radiator so the car doesn't overheat. This limits me quite a bit, as I can only go about 10 miles before needing more water, so I am learning fast where all the gas stations are that have it free. Luckily my job is only about 10 miles away, so I can make it to work without a refill.

  • Finally-Free

    I've been driving for 31 years with no accidents or tickets for the last 21. Two years ago, when I separated from my wife, my insurance went from $132 per month to $161 per month just because my postal code changed, as I now live about 3 miles from my former address. Oh yeah, I don't have a second driver on the vehicle anymore either.


  • foreword

    Good advice on ways to reduce insurance premiums. Shopping multiple quotes is certainly one the best ways to find the cheapest deal, and it's oftentimes less than your previous policy. Change is good in this case.

    LOL @ AllAlongTheWatchtower. I know what you mean. One time I had to drive thirty miles on a busted water pump. Quite a few hills around here, so I would go up a hill (the car's temp gage would get in the red) I'd turn off the ignition and glide down the hill so by the time I got to the nest hill it had cooled down enough, restart and up the hill, everytime cooling a little about stress. But I made it.

    But yeah, older cars are cheap, and so far I've always been lucky. I've owned two cars which I bought new, and since I really don't care about vehicles and as long as one takes me from point A to point B I'm all set, I don't need the added expenses. Besides you don't worry so much about an old car...who cares if it has a little scratch.

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