What is your favorite memory of your Mom

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  • kls

    KLS, I feel for you.


    It's ok Lola , and yes reading these does hurt because i don't know what it is like to have or had a mom, but i like reading what everyone has to say about theirs and it does make me smile. Really it does

  • hubert


    My Mom died when I was 12 years old. I don't remember much about her. She was sick a lot, in and out of the hospital. In those days, if you were a kid, you weren't allowed to visit your parents in a hospital. (Pretty stupid, huh)?

    I remember one time that my dad took me and my sister to the hospital and were able to see her at the window waving to us.

    My sister brought me up as best she could.


  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    Although my Mom had severe mental problems..I have so many happy and momentous memories.

    One she not only gave me life..but when I was 29 she saved my life! I had to have a operation and they had packed me inside to keep from hemmoraging.

    I developed a very high fever but was on painkillers so felt no pain just pressure.Turned out my urinary tract was blocked from the packing. I had a severe infection to the point of being life threatning.

    Apparently the nurses were not measuring my intake and output. Which was nil!

    Mom badgered the nurses till they finally called the Dr. and removed the packing. I think I filled two bags after that, my fever broke and the crisis was over. Thanks to Mom.

    Another time we had little money for Christmas..so when I pointed out a skirt I liked when we were shopping..she remembered it and secretly bought a pattern. She had no sewing machine but she cut and sewed the whole skirt by hand. It fit beautifully and I wore it proudly often.

    She also always told me there was someone out there for everyone.He found me and we married and would have been married for 47 years this year. He died 2-5-03..I'm sure glad we married young..gave us more time together.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    September 1976. I caught some off the wall virus and was ill for 3 solid weeks. There was a period of at least a week where I was delirious. All I remember is being drenched in sweat and then waking up a day later with the room spinning and then I'd pass out again. It was like that every day for a week. Anyway since my mother hated doctors naturally she didn't take me to one, so I have no idea what I had. At any rate, when I was conscious again a week had passed and I was as weak as a kitten.

    What I remember most is the pressure was off. All the rules, all the anger, all the dislike she had directed toward me, and would after, was gone. No one made fun of me, no one laughed at me, no one called me an idiot. It was great, even though I kept passing out for hours at a time. She was as kind as I've ever seen her before or after. She actually made me chicken soup (Campbell's, which still brings warm feelings). But the one warmest memory was the night I was building up my strength and was actually hungry for the first time in 10 days or so and she not only offered, she went out and got me some Chinese food. I was totally stunned, and I've got to tell you that was the best food I'd ever eaten. It was totally cool, having as much food as I could eat (that was rare in itself!) and having the privacy in my bedroom without snide cooments at the dinner table. WOW!

    I don't mean this in a self-pity way or anything, but seriously a part of me still wonders, ... is that what it's like having a real mother?

    If so, it was grand.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I loved it when mom when take us two youngest siblings, Scot and me to Thibadeaux and Houma, Louisiana. We lived in Morgan City which was a smaller town. The drive was picturesque and about 30 miles long. Lot's of times we'd drive in and out of scattered rain showers. She'd play the radio. It was the mid to late 60s, so you can imagine the good music that would play. She'd take us to Builliot's Restaurant where we'd have fried shrimp poboys for lunch. We'd go shopping downtown in the mom and pop stores and sometimes we'd go to the mall in Houma. She'd give us some money to spend. I still remember things that she bought for us or that we bought.

    Mom was not well emotionally and it was nice to be with her on the occasions she was actually semi-happy and not raging. Those trips to go shopping with her were always pleasant.

  • evita

    My mom loved music and sang to us all the time, mostly bluegrass, folk, spirituals and protest songs. She played the guitar, banjo, dulcimer, flute and drums. This was pre-dub of course. I sing with my kids using a book called "Rise up Singing" and I'm always surprised by how many songs I know thanks to my mom.
    I love this connection with my mom and I really miss those times when she was so beautiful and creative.

  • orbison11

    i have been thinking of this and re reading many time

    and sad to say, i cant think of one

    i am sure, given time i will


  • luna2

    Okay, I've been feeling guilty that I couldn't come up with one special, favorite memory of my mother...so I've wracked my brain and come up with two fond memories.

    1) Every birthday and Christmas from the time I was about five or six years old until I was about 12, my grandmother would give me an Oz book (there were 14 by L. Frank Baum). Before I could read, it was a real treat to snuggle up next to my mother and have her read me my books, just the two of us.

    2) The other memory is from when I was about four years old. I remember her making matching dresses for the two of us, light blue Donna Reed-style, with our names embroidered over the pocket on the bodice. When she finished, we had a mother-daughter night out wearing our new dresses. I still can recall how special I felt and how grown up. I know we went to the movies, but I have no idea what we saw. LOL

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I could literally think of nothing until Golden jogged my memory. I had been out of their house for about 6 months and hadn't spoke to them at all. I was so sick, I couldn't move. I called her, she came and got me, took me to the doctor. I had a severe kidney infection. She paid for the Doctor and the medicine. It has been 30 years ago. Guess I better send her a check. HL

  • oldflame

    I am sorry but I don't have any. First my mother did not raise me. My parents were divorced when I was 5 years old. My father got custody of the children and that was in 1966. That alone should tell you something as that was not customary back then. I found my mother whenI was 17. She was a JW then and is now, and because of her religion, has caused a terrible amount of animosity in our family. I love my mother but we do not have a relationship which I think is sad.............

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