An Invitation to a Wedding

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  • lisavegas420

    Hi ((((Bem))))Good to see you. I'll pass your hugs on.

    I was kinda hoping this thread would die.... Here's what happened. I sent back the RSVP and wrote Party of 2 Mr & Mrs Lisa. I started thinking about this, and the re-newal-bride and the groom have met my husband, on several occasions, both at work and at parties.

    Leading up to the day of the wedding, I hadn't noticed that their wedding was on Memorial Weekend. So I blew it off. Somehow I justified it in my mind at the time. But, now I feel guilty.

    Now what do I do? Call and apoligize? ----------> Not say a thing? <------that was my plan But I know that's not right either.

    Here's something else I noticed....Several people from our office said they didn't get an invitation....But some did....Now thinking about it, I have a feeling that the ones that said they didn't get an invitation, probably DID get an invitation and just SAID they didn't to avoid the whole thing.

    Here's why I think that.........way back when, the bride told me she absolutely hated Teresa,a woman in our office. She didn't ever want to work with her if it could be avoided. I write the schedules. So nothing to me, I gave them schedules where they worked together and never said a thing about it to anyone. Here's the interesting part....Teresa the hated one was the ONLY one from our office that showed up. All together, was about 150+ guests.


  • Jeannine

    You blew off the wedding renewal after accepting the invitation? Yucky, yucky. That is almost as bad, if not worse, than the bride/groom failing to invite your hubby to the money-shakedown they were planning. Ok, I don't want to make you feel bad, but not showing up is a horrible. I must admit though, I've done it before. About 15 years ago I accepted a wedding invitation and then blew off the wedding. I felt really bad. Having learned from experience, I never, ever accept an invitation unless I know for certain that I really want to go and can go. I think that the best thing you can do is send the couple a gift of money in a card. Write a note in the card wishing them a great time in Hawaii. Also, mention BRIEFLY your regret that you were unable to attend the wedding due to unforseen circumstances. Don't get into a long drawn out apology or specific explaination. Too much apologizing is boring and insincere. Giving a specific explaination, a.k.a "white lie" about specific reasons might bite you in the butt one day if you ever forget what the lie was. Just make the apology a one-liner...short and sweet. The card should be more about the presentation of the gift than about your regrets.

  • lisavegas420
    lisavegas420 anyone interested...

    I talked to the girl who renewed her vows yesterday. She had pictures and we looked through them together. I apoligized for not making it and asked how her trip to Hawaii was. Here's what she said.......

    The entire wedding was paid for by a friend of hers. Everything!!! They decided to wait until next spirng to go to Hawaii and used the money they got and the money they saved 'cause they didn't have to spend it on the wedding...and bought a Corvette. Ain't that sweet...

    They have four children...all under 13. Guess they won't be takin' the kids with them.


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