Ever had someone threaten to kill you, and mean it? Just happened to me.

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  • wanderlustguy

    Why do you think I've been starting all the fluff threads?

    Freakin cops still haven't called me back about the warrant.

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    WLG, sorry you had to deal with that man. Plenty of whack jobs out there that think life is cheap. As Not the Administrator said, I've actually had people try it, its not much more fun than having them threaten it.

    Maybe you want to think about going concealed carry for your protection. In some states you can get an emergency permit that allows you to carry before you are able to take the classes if there is reasonable cause.

  • kwintestal

    Hey, yeah that's happened to me before and it's enough to shake you up real good.

    I work for the city transit company and someone wanted to get on the bus without paying. I requested he did, and he went off on me when I said he couldn't get on. He said he'd kill me, and find me after work and take care of me. He was quite irate.

    I filed a police report later that day. Two months later he got on my bus again and I had the police meet me. They dragged him off of the bus in handcuffs and found a knife on him.

    He plead guilty to uttering threats in June, so now he has a criminal record for doing something quite stupid, but you have to protect yourself first, WLG. Don't worry about the prick and the reprecussions for him. Worry about yourself first.


  • luna2

    How scary, WLG! I'm glad that delivery person came in when they did! Phew!

    I've often thought about what I'd do if somebody broke into the store when I was here alone closing up (it was during a time where there were some robberies in the area). For a while I'd take a pitch fork back to the office with me. LOL Like I'd ever skewer somebody.

    Nobody's ever threatened to kill me ever...not even my ex.

  • EvilForce

    Better to be cautious. My good friend's father was killed a few months ago because as branch manager of a bank he refused to open a checking account for a guy with a history of bounced checks. The guy came in and blew him away the next day. :(

    This man was a regular church going guy that wouldn't have hurt a fly. So sad. But please take these threats seriously and use caution!


  • 144001

    Someone that really wants to kill you isn't going to tell you about it. They're just going to do it.

    I get death threats fairly frequently as a result of my work, but those dumb enough to deal with me in this manner find out that there is a price. One thing being a Witness child taught me was to never turn the other cheek. Don't tread on me . . .

  • schne_belly

    WLG---Ohhh sure, and you were talking about having my hubby and I move down to NC and have him take over your job when you move.....

    Glad you are okay. Be careful

  • gespro

    Hey Vunderlustguy

    I've been on both sides of stuff like this...be careful.

    A song comes to mind right about now...'Fear them not those who can kill the body but, those that can kill the soul

    Gespro of the 'I'm sorry...I just had to' class

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    Not really, had a knife pulled on me once, but cooler heads prevailed,

    I am going home next weekend, and I plan on facing the guy who screwed my wife last summer, I hope I don't kill him, the thought of being in jail the rest of my life does not thrill me, but I do plan to beat the living crap out of him, but then again hopefully I'll see it's just not worth it and move on, but I sincerely doubt it,

    I hope I survive the next 10 days.

    lol to all


  • Thegoodgirl

    Oh my God, that is so awful. Please, please do not stay in that office alone. Just have someone work there with you. I do not think you should carry a concealed weapon, because I've never heard of anyone using it in time, and if they guy comes back, I'm sure he'll be even more prepared. But then again, it's up to you. How about a dog? I know a guy who works alone driving around collecting rent money frompeople who are late with payments, and he takes his big dog (no pun intended Big Dog) everywhere. Anyway, I do hope you get that restraining order. Thinking of you.

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