Help! help! 'puter is trashed...

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  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    u/d many viruses and spyware tend to reside in:

    C:/Documents and Settings/User/Local Settings/Temp



    Try scanning those individual folders it will be much quicker.

    Also just out of curiousity check your Hard Drive to see how much free space you have...possibly you are close to being maxed out.

  • upside/down
    you have a trojan."

    I KNEW you'd say it...

    I bought the Magnum ones...I can get my arm in up to the elbow...WTF?

    Dude this sucks... I'm so NOT good at this 'puter stuff...Maybe I should call the Geek Squad.

    u/d (of the my 'puter is such a slutty whore...and borught the creeping crud home class)

  • upside/down

    I'm almost positive it's in the files you mentioned...

    My hard drive is 145G...and 68% I think I'm ok...

    I'd love to hunt the bastards who do this crap down and shoot 'em in the kneecap...

    It's a form of extortion... they hold your 'puter hostage in lieu of paying "protection" money to get rid of them...

    u/d (of the Guido class)

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    Norton Internet Security is an awesome program but 2004 is obsolete. Is this something you borrowed from a freind because if it is it will not work if he already ran it in his/her comp.

    Try using the 2005. It kicks ass. What it does not repair/delete it will at least display the location and you can go in and manually delete.

    I would highly recommend the Norton Internet Security 2005 but if it will not load or if you are too cheap of a bastard to buy it then try this:

    Go there and try out the product called "Spyware Doctor"

    It will identify potentially harmfull files and spyware very well but it will only remove them if you buy the product.

    What you can, however, do is use this to locate the files and CAREFULLY manually delete what you beilieve to be malicious. Make sure your system has already been set with the system restore feature "on" (rather not switched off) before you go deleting (in case you delete the wrong thing).

    If you are unsure of which files are malicious then make a list of the ones Spyware Doctor finds and post it here.

  • upside/down
    if you are too cheap of a bastard to buy it

    Have you been talking to my wife again? LOL!

    Good call...I didn't realize that was an old version...

    But my 'puter came with a trial version of McAfee...and I signed up to buy it over the net...Do you think it'll work?

    Let me know...

    u/d (of the not a cheap as she makes me out to be class)

  • xjwms


    worked for me

  • TooOpinionated

    You could try this. Go to and download. It is free. It will clean out alot of junk. Only use it for cleaning the temporary internet files. Don't do anything else. The go and download and download About:Buster and follow directions. It is also free. For a Browser Hijacker, you can download HS Remover at -it is free. You will have to change your start page back after that one if it worked properly.

    These programs work well for me. I've also used Hijack This, which is great and will tell you where your problem is as long as you don't delete anything important, and that is hard to determine sometimes. Perhaps you could run the program, and then post your Hijack This log to someone on this forum that is very knowledgeable.

    If nothing else, these programs will help you keep your machine running good after you get this situation cleared up.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    I called the "Geek Squad" Cost me $165.00. Best money I have ever spent. HL

  • TooOpinionated

    How's it going? Any updates?

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    But my 'puter came with a trial version of McAfee...and I signed up to buy it over the net...Do you think it'll work?

    Let me know...

    It may.

    Many people sing the praises of McAfee. My opinion on that is because they are cheap bastards. Why drive a chevy if you can drive a Cadillac. Spend the extra 40 dollars and buy the Norton is my perspective.

    Either way u/d try out the free Spyware Doctor. It will identify most, if not all, potentially malicious files and you can then post them here and we can take it from there.

    In the interim I will attempt to go to that url you post. Get myself infected and let Norton Internet Security do it's thing it does so well. I will then post the malicious file's locaation for you and perhaps you can go and manually delete.

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