named Unbaptized Publisher at the meeting last night...............

by Buck 41 Replies latest jw friends

  • TheListener

    Jgnat, I don't want him to leave; I would love for him to stick around. Buck do you hear that? Please stay and talk with us.

    I just know from experience that the more involved he becomes with the society the less we'll see him around.

  • lawrence


    What do you publish? Door to door you now bring lies from murderers. Wake up, you're not bringing sales brochures door to door. You're bringing false news from miserable bastards. You'll have blood on your hands each time you bring the WTS message to householders. Just remember that when you beg for your "marital due."

  • Ellie

    Your girlfriend must really have a hold over you if you are willing to stick on a suit and make a fool of yourself, pestering your neighbours, trying to push a religion they are not interested in down their throats, just don't do it, if your girlfriend has any respect for you she will realise she is being unreasonable.

  • Buck

    Iam not sure what will become of me. But Ive enjoyed reading the informative posts on this board.

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    After being gone so long (18 years!), I honestly do not remember that "unbaptized publisher" announcements were made.

    Am I being overly negative by pointing out that such an announcement puts Buck in the position of being shunned should he ever choose to return to the ranks of unbaptized "unpublishers"?

    Probably just pointing out the obvious...


  • ozziepost
    Iam not sure what will become of me

    Sounds like a decided lack of control to me! With an attitude like that, you're a prime candidate for dubdom.

    Stand up for yourself! Decide what you truly believe and be courageous enough to stand for it. Go on, try it!

  • DannyBloem


    There is still a way back. But when you are baptised, if you then decide to stop everybody will shun you.
    being baptized is one of the things I feel most sorry I did.
    Please make sure what you are doingm before you decide.


    Good job buck. I am certain Jehovah God and Jesus are even HAPPIER than your girlfriend. You have a long tough road ahead of you. Perservere my brother!
    This is one of the most weird things I have ever seen. That some small thing somebody does can actually make a alknowing God who sees 5 billion of people do all kind of wicked things, make very happy.
    Just think of it logically for a while Danny
  • Buck

    well, I might be a lost cause.

    Have you ever wanted something so bad, you would do anything to get it or make sure you didnt lose it?

    Thats the way I feel.

  • lawrence


    I initially missed Defd's ridiculous comment, so thanks for bringing it up. "Long tough road," damn right Buck, cause Jesus said his "yoke was kindly and his load light." Buck - ask anyone here how "kindly and light" the WTS load is. Buck - don't listen to us, let them remove your testicles, we'll hear you whimper when you're ready.

  • xjwms


    You may want now.

    Is your heast really into having the WT ORG control you and your thinking forever?

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