named Unbaptized Publisher at the meeting last night...............

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  • run dont walk
    run dont walk
    Run for your life Buck... RUN!!!

    EXACTLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rocketman

    Wow, someone who posts here is actually advancing in "Jehovah's organization".

    You're still 'okay' bucko, if you still want to lead some semblance of a normal life. But, if you plan on getting baptized, lookout. Keep in mind also that even as a UBP, announcements can still be made if you fail to live up to certain jw commitments. It's sort of like having one foot in the door...or the grave.

  • Purza
    Buck, you have my condolences.

    You have mine as well.

    How do you feel? Are you elated? Excited? How do you (not your girlfriend) feel about it -- honestly?


  • ezekiel3

    Hi Buck. I was looking over your past posts to get a sense of your history.

    It really seems that you are being led along here. I do not doubt your love for your girlfriend or her love for you, however...

    • Are you ready to accept that your girl friend's love for you is conditional? That is, conditional on you being a JW?
    • Do you realize that once you become baptized, you face disfellowshipping if you break JW law? While your wife (I assume) would not completely shun you, there would be serious strain in your relationship.
    • Do you completely agree with and understand what it means to be a JW? If you do not (and your other posts reflect that) then your baptism is a lie to yourself and your girlfriend.
    • Do you realize that your relationship - she is a JW and you are not (at least in the beginning) - is strongly frowned on by JWs. That your girlfriend bent (if not broke) the rules to date you and is trying to reconcile that by getting you to join?

    I hope that you have found a great relationship. When you propose to your girlfirend you may go down on one knee. But you will also be wedding a cult, and trust me, you will be down on both knees sooner or later.

    I am still an active JW in good standing, and I remain trapped in this situation because I am not willing to lose my family. Please do not volunteer for this trap.

  • daystar

    and the slaves shall serve... er... obey...

  • littlerockguy


    Also keep in mind that your dedication to the organization carries more weight than your girlfriend's since you are male. You will be expected to take the lead in many areas, including home bible study, if you are a brother out with a bunch of sisters in field service, you will direct the car group or maybe even get the groups together when you go out in service, open the bookstudy group or any other meeting with prayer, carry the microphones, read for the bookstudy or watchtower study and plus people will watch your like a hawk; after all many others will look at you as an example to follow. Just some things to think about.

  • jaffacake


    I'm so sorry because I now you know the truth. You sound almost proud!?

    Perhaps you can sneak back later, and secretly drop some literature into the post boxes of any interested persons you make contact with, telling them where they can find out the facts about JWs. That way you need not feel so guilty about selling such a harmful product to unsuspecting, vulnerable people.

    Perhaps you should review some of the advice offered on the older thread, did you ever read any of it?

  • 95stormfront

    What you're about to put yourself through, just for this piece of ( | ) is not worth it, but, I guess you have to find out for yourself.

    My condolensces.........

  • Honesty

    Ambien and/or hydroxyzine will help you sleep at night after a good day in Field Service. If depression sets in due to cognitive dissonance Effexor XR is very good because it allows you to still function as a human on the outside even though your conscience is going through hell knowing that what you promote to strangers as a JW is a lie. If you don't have any trouble sleeping or experience depression or cognitive dissonance then I venture to say that you will have found your place in life as a slave to the WatchTower Bible and Tract Society. Whatever the outcome of your decisions I wish you peace, happiness and security.


  • ezekiel3

    Okay, I'm going to get a bit personal here, so stop me if I've gone to far.

    At what level of 'intimacy' is your relationship right now?

    If you two are following the guidelines (and she already broke one by dating a non-JW) how can you really know each other?


    g86 4/22 pp. 11-12 How Can I Say No to Premarital Sex? ***


    MATTER OF COMMUNICATION: "By presumptuousness one only causes a struggle, but with those consulting together there is wisdom." (Proverbs 13:10) Often a couple misunderstand what each expects in terms of expressions of affection. Frequently, a man may feel that the woman expects him to initiate kissing and petting, when in reality she may not. Therefore, let the other person know how you feel about the matter by "consulting together." But regardless of how the other may feel, wisely set limits on expressions of affection. At the same time, don’t give out mixed signals. Wearing tight, revealing, sexy clothes can give your partner the wrong message.


    WATCH CIRCUMSTANCES: The Bible tells about a young virgin who was invited by her boyfriend to hike with him to a secluded spot in the mountains where together they could enjoy the beauties of early spring. However, the girl’s brothers found out about it and indignantly put a stop to the couple’s plans. It was not that they felt that she was immoral, but they knew the power of temptation under such circumstances. (Song of Solomon 1:6; 2:8-15; 8:10) Regardless of what reasoning your tricky heart conjures up, avoid being alone with someone of the opposite sex in a house, an apartment, or in an automobile parked in some secluded spot.


    YOUR LIMITATIONS: There are times when you may be more vulnerable to sexual enticements than at other times. You may be discouraged because of some personal failure or a disagreement with others, perhaps your parents. During such times you will have to be especially cautious. Also, be careful about your use of alcoholic beverages. Under the influence of these, you can lose your inhibitions. "Wine and sweet wine are what take away good motive."—Hosea 4:11.


    NO AND MEAN IT: What can a couple do when emotions escalate and they find themselves becoming dangerously intimate? One of them has to say or do something that ‘breaks the spell.’ One young woman named Debra found herself alone with her date, who stopped the car in a lonely place to "talk." When the emotions began to escalate, Debra said to her friend: "Isn’t this necking? Shouldn’t we stop?" That broke the mood. He immediately drove them home. To say no under these circumstances may be the hardest thing you ever have had to do, but as one 20-year-old female who committed fornication said: "If you don’t walk away, you’ll be sorry!"


    A CHAPERON: Though looked down upon in some countries, a chaperon is a must in others. "It looks as if we can’t be trusted," complain some youngsters. It’s not you that can’t be trusted, it’s your heart! Proverbs 28:26 bluntly states: "He that is trusting in his own heart is stupid, but he that is walking in wisdom is the one that will escape." Walk wisely by having someone else join you on a date. "I really respect the fellow who brings his own chaperon. I know he is as interested as I am in being chaste," revealed Debra. "It works no hardship, for when we want to say something privately, we just step out of earshot of others. The protection it affords is worth any inconvenience."

    The problem with JW marriages is that, if they follow the rules (above), they end up marrying someone they don't know. How can you get to know someone or have deep conversation with a chaperon watching? How do you know you will be sexually compatible if you've never even madeout?

    On the other hand, if you two are human, you are probably both ignoring JW standards for dating. In this case, what does that tell you about your girlfriend's respect of her own religion?

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