Why One "Inspired" Bible...but endless "literature" about it?

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  • upside/down

    "christians" are so proud of their ONE Bible... the most widely distributed...blah blah blah...and thus it MUST be "God's" word...

    Yet the WTS (in particular) is CONSTANTLY producing new "literature"...Why?

    Can't they comment on what they "know" about a certain scripture and leave it at that...I mean how much real "new light" is there?

    They just rehash the same old crap over and over...

    Cheeezus...print one book...and then just "revise" it as needed... Oh wait...I thought they had one book...the Bible...

    Why do the interpretations need interpretation...???

    u/d (of the what a silly waste of paper class)

  • Finally-Free
    Yet the WTS (in particular) is CONSTANTLY producing new "literature"...Why?

    One day there will be more "new light" and they will announce that their literature is actually the "new scrolls" spoken of in the book of Revelation.

    I'm kind of surprised they haven't done that yet.


  • garybuss
    Yet the WTS (in particular) is CONSTANTLY producing new "literature"...Why?

    They are a printing, publishing, marketing business that has nothing to write about except writing about themselves writing about themselves??

  • upside/down

    So I take it "God" isn't "Green"...and he must hate trees...

    u/d(of the "God" (or is it His people?) wastes paper class)

  • daystar

    Because how else could they diffuse the true message of the bible without commentary upon commentary upon commentary?

  • tetrapod.sapien

    if it was the "word of truth" from god, it would not need any "apologies". it's obvious that:

    • it's not inspired as illustrated by this fact.
    • OR that Dog did a horrible job of writing his one and only book, considering that he is omnipotent and omniscient according to the book itself. LOL.
  • ezekiel3

    The answer is in the title of the new JW publicaion:

    What Does the Bible Really Teach?

  • garybuss

    Here's one of my favorite quotes.
    "Also, we must not only publish books about or in explanation of the Bible; we must also help the Bible readers to understand these Bible-explaining books, …" (The Watchtower Nov. 15, 1961 p.694)

  • upside/down
    What Does the Bible Really Teach?

    Are you asking?

    Cuz I could sum it up in about 1...maybe 2 paragraphs...

    "God" shoulda had me write His book... I coulda saved him a fortune in printing costs...


  • Oxnard Hamster
    Oxnard Hamster

    I don't think God or other Christians deserve to be ripped because of the irresponsible actions of one organization, an organization that we know is neither God's channel of communication or truly Christian.

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