Were You Ever "Proud" To Be A Jehovah's Witness?

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  • evita

    I was proud as long as I was with other witlesses, out in service or at an assembly. But as soon as I went to school or work the warm fuzzies would disappear. It always made me sick to my stomach to come up against reality. It takes a lot of energy to maintain cognitive dissonance. I was painfully aware that the rest of the world considered us duped and pathetic.

  • upside/down


    u/d(of the truly pathetic class)

  • kazar

    Yes, I felt proud when I first became associated with the Witnesses. I felt special to be part of the organization and that God had rescued me from Babylon the Great to survive Armageddon. After a few years I realized I had gone from the frying pan to the frying pan.

  • DannyBloem

    Yes I was, proud like I know it better then you all stupid &^&, who are going to die in armageddon.

    But at the same time I avoided telling I was one at my work etc. That says something.

    The feeling of proud did not last long


  • dedpoet

    i became a dub at 41, and i was very proud to be a jw for the first few years, until i got the wrong side of the elders. now i'm just ashamed that i ever allowed myself to be duped into joining such a corrupt organisation

  • Purza

    I was proud when I felt like I was doing enough. Those feelings of pride did not last long as the guilt would always creep back in when I would slack off (which would happen pretty often). Then again the WTS never wants you to feel "proud" that is why they use the guilt to keep the r&f in line.


  • Lapuce

    Only when I was with witnesses, the rest of the time I felt like a heel.....


  • GetBusyLiving

    :I was painfully aware that the rest of the world considered us duped and pathetic.

    I was too. It was also painful to realize for certain that we in fact WERE duped and pathetic. Double "shit". Ahh, well - what's 28 years right?...


  • anewme

    Yes I was. I was most proud at District Conventions as I surveyed the colliseum and saw all the different races getting along so well all day for days. In my 35 years as a witness I was unaware of any hypocrasy or reason to doubt the society.

  • tijkmo


    i think thats why its so disillusioning

    its a bit like a soldier who is proud to fight for his country..is captured and tortured and refuses to yield and does not accept the propaganda that his country has abandoned him because he believes in his country and he loves it and he would die for it

    and then he returns home and everybody inc his government refuses to believe that he didnt crumble under the pressure and so they ignore him and he thinks ..what the hell is that about

    Twickenham assembly, 1969
    wem-ber-ley in 69...peace on earth international convention..no others in britain that year..82,000 attend

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