Living a Lie.

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  • lamb

    Welcome are with people who know your situation. I found my wifes lack of support devastating to say the least.It was almost like I was married to the Judicial Committee. "You know what you have to do" she would say pointing her finger at me. But I saw first hand something wasnt right with the witness organization. I was at the District Convention in Mexico City in 1967 and learned how the Mexican brothers quietly paid money to the National Guard in order to get their military service records updated,without having to do any training or participating at all in the military,which is mandatory for all young men in Mexico. I faced the wrath of the US Federal Court and guess who won? But that made me a better christian and I was happy to do it for Jehovah...or so they told me. They lied.

  • hurt dave
    hurt dave

    i know how you feel i was reaised in the truth all my life till 17 when i was just plain tired of it and didnt really want to be babtized. I blamed all religions and still in the back of my mind belivied that i was wrong and that jehovahs people were the one true religion( pretty good brainwashing aint it). Anyways i gave up my apartment at 21 to move back in and try it again but there tactics or physcologicle warfare were bouncing right off me i instead prayed for the guidence to be strong and i relized this world is nothing to be afraid of came on the internet made the one descion i every made just for myself. Moved out of the parents and wanted nothing to do with "those people". Everybody on this site will know what your feeling and all are here to provide the support to help get over the guilt tht has been programed into us. Lean on me and i'll lean on you

    And by the way guys the heeling process is begining now maybe i'll drop the hurt.

  • Priest73
    I say that I am living a lie because I have not fully declared how I feel to my family.

    Are you still living a lie?

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