I'm an ex-dub as of tonight.

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  • Kenneson

    I applaud your courageous stand. Best wishes.

  • Mary

    Then, jus tbefore leaving, he started telling me about some great Awake! article on some water canals to leave a nice impression

    Wow! That alone should have made you reconsider leaving!!

  • lonelysheep

    Congratulations, Pole!!!

  • Pole

    Thank you so much, everyone! Since I'm no longer a dub I guess I have to try to be a nicer person.
    I'll start tomorrow since I'm still waiting for the official confirmation.

  • garybuss

    Congratulations! All my best wishes.
    I had walked the white line for so long, the realization that I had nothing more to lose to the Jehovah's Witness people hit me as a pleasant surprise in 1995. Any Witness I once cared about was already shunning and snubbing me. I was already taking the worst they had to offer. There wasn't anything stopping me from telling my story except my own fear. So when I realized I actually didn't have any anything to fear, I went public.
    This isn't how I had imagined my life would play out, but it's all worked out for the best. My attitude towards the Witness people is, if they're nice, keep rapport, if they're mean, lock the door. Quite a few are mean, and they soon find out they have closed a door that is not going to open again for them.
    My best deals in life are the bad deals I got out of. The Witnesses was a bad deal. Being out of it is a good deal.

  • googlemagoogle

    *applause* i'm so happy for you. hopefully i'll be able to post something similar sometime.

  • Jeffro

    Were they 'resplendent' water canals?

  • Emma

    Congratulations. Your obvious happiness and peace was an excellent witness.


  • ozziepost
    he said "don't be surprised when noone says hello when they meet you in the street".

    He must have thought it sounded like motivating threat to me.

    Stupidly they must think that there will be something for you to go back to! As if!

    Well done, Pole! A true exDub now, eh?

  • City Fan
    City Fan

    Well done Pole!

    Time to move on and start living.

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