Premonition Dreams?

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  • Leolaia

    Hey, I just found a post about this on I guess I wasn't the only person who noticed....

    From: [email protected] (Jeff)
    Subject: Smith boys.
    Date: 3 Nov 1994 18:21:44 -0700
    Message-ID: <[email protected]>

    I remember a caller on Art Bell's "Coast to Coast" program earlier this week
    (I believe it was the Tuesday morning show - 11/1) one of the callers mentioned
    a dream she had about the missing Smith boys. In the dream, she pictured the
    the vehicle that the two boys were supposedly kidnapped in at the bottom of
    a lake with the two boys in it. Just on the news today, Susan Smith has
    confessed to killing her two sons by submerging her vehicle at the bottom
    of a nearby lake with her two young sons in the car. The car, from what I
    hear, has been recovered from the bottom of a nearby lake with the bodies of
    Susan Smith's two sons in it.

    Believe what you will. I just thought it was an interesting coincidence. The
    caller also mentioned a sign nearby the lake with the word "green" in it. Don't
    know if that has a connection to the above or not.

  • googlemagoogle

    In each of our dreams, we're the only ones that know about that part of the house.

    then it can't be the same house. if you're the only one knowing it, you'r relatives can't possibly know it.

  • DannyBloem

    Believe what you will. I just thought it was an interesting coincidence.

    Exacly a coincidence.

    When you aks people who have those dreams to write them down to have some more objective way of measuring it will always fail. That says enough I think.

    however there is one exception of course of premonition dreams:
    This girl can really do it, I saw it on tv:

  • Evanescence

    I get premonition dreams, but I won't say what they are, the people I tell think that I am a freak or making it up, well believe what they want

    But I will tell one that isn't so freaky,

    Usually with major events I get the dream about six months before the inident, and the dream usally sticks in my head as well.

    Not so major but still major I get about three months before the incident and sticks in my head.

    The not so major was I had a dream that something happened at my school, there were people crowding around in the courtyard with their bags wondering what was wrong, there was books scattered everywhere and the vice principal was really stressed out. Also a name came to mind in the dream I'll make up a name cause I don't want to name any real ones so the name "Josh Yinnie" really came to mind.

    Just recently some people broke into the school, with bolt cutters, broke into some of the year nine lockers "my locker fell victem" and they threw books everywhere, also the principals office and main administration also got broken into and messed up.

    The next day everyone was in the courtyard with their bags and was wondering what happened, we couldn't get to our lockers cause all the matnence was there cleaning up the mess and fixing the wires that were broken.

    The vice principal was yes of cause stressed out. I was one of the few people who was selected to go help sort out the books, cause I'm trust worthy. I ended up sorting out "Josh Yinnie's" books

    I loved my old locker combination!!!!!!! its sooo annoying getting a new one!!!! i'm so forgetful lol!


  • DannyBloem


    Nice you share those experiences with us.
    Sometimes dreams can seem this way. Especially when they are fague enough, there are so many possibilities in which you can think that it can be applied to something we experience later.

    Just a suggestion: if you have dreams about world events in advance, why not write them down here on this board as detailed as possible and we can see what happened. That would really be proof, right?


  • Evanescence

    Ok Danny I have had dreams of world events

    But its true, you can never be sure with Premonition dreams, its just weird that dreams I have end up happening.

    Like I had a dream that my watch broke and the next day it did

    Well I'll tell of world events, just all don't get upset please!!

    In 2001 in about April I had a dream, it was a really strange dream, when i woke up deep down inside i felt it really ment something, the dream fully was stuck in my head and I can still remember it very well today.

    ok i'll start.

    It all started with people running around panicking in a building, they were trying to find an escape! a lot of them was "passing into the afterlight" as well when they could not escape.

    The scene took place in a City, people were running away and sreaming! all in shock of the scenery, it then showed two very tall buildings that really stood out in the city cause they were so tall, they were on fire and there was smoke everywhere!

    The number '3' really stood out in the dream, the number three was mentioned quite a lot!

    Another part of the dream was it was going on about the world ending, all the clocks where flashing 0:00 !!! and a voice over was saying "be prepared the world will end soon"

    I was also in a seat of a car and a family was driving away as far as they can.

    That was bacically it. But the creepy thing was just last year I found out that a student drew a picture in 2001 around the same time I had the dream (the picture had the date written on it and the pic was also laminated) The picture had on one side a drawing of two tall towers in smoke, burning and on the other side it had a picture of the world ending!

    really strange!

    A thing with dreams is that they are coded, they are not always percific, somewhat like the bible it used imagery.

    Like in a dream, your house generally represents you! if someone in black sneaks through the back door, it would generally mean that you are afraid that some one will invade your privacy or life. something like that.

    Well another dream i remember strongly I had towards the very end of last year 2004.

    There was smoke (or dust whatever) everywhere in a city, there was everyone yet again running around again scared and was trying to escape.

    The number '5' was real particulate in this dream. And was mentioned several times.

    It was also mentioned that the attack was from beneif!

    Another scenery in this dream was I was standing out at the beach at night it was dark and all, my parents decided to go fishing in the Dark I didn't want to go on with them cause thats just plain crazy and I don't like the water at night.

    I was really freaked out by this attack though because this person kept on telling me that I was going to be the next victem (this was after the attack in the city from underneith) it was a while after, I was alone in a strange room, somewhat looked all wooden and old fashoned. I was standing there and I had a skirt on. The voice kept on saying "they are coming for you, you are the next target" Something then attacked me from underneigh, I had a great shiver up my spine nd froze, I then woke up

    Creepy, creepy dreams.


  • Jeffro

    'Shared dreams' - not that hard to explain really. Details of dreams start to become distorted in the memory not long after the person wakes up, with less and less detail accurately recalled as time goes on. If another person has a similar dream, it is very easy to become convinced that the details of your own dream are 'exactly the same' when in reality the original dream was simply similar.

  • Jeffro

    Evanescence said

    I have had dreams of world events

    It is one thing to have a dream and then have something similar to the dream actually happen, and then to tell someone about it.
    But can you tell us about a dream that you have had that has not yet been fulfilled, with a degree of details which will irrefutable if the event actually happens?

  • Evanescence

    I might try that, cause I was only 11 in 2001 and it's no use running around saying about my dream, people would think im weird.

    In 2004 when I was 14 I didn't know weather I should say anything or not, I don't normally share dreams, dreams are just dreams right?

    I understand everyones views on Premonition dreams, I don't srongly believe in them, I just get dreams that are similar to world events and other events, I just hope its wrong otherwise Australia according to my dreams is the next target! hope not! doubt it actually what is there to target in Australia?

    But if I get any strange dreams that stick then I'll tell ya guys next time! on a thread "had a wierd dream" or something

    Evanescence *edited cause my keyboards demonic *

  • PaulJ

    I dont but my wife does. Really odd ones.

    She dreamt my ex was involved in a minor car accident 1 week before she was.

    She then dreamt that David Bowie died of a heart attack- a few days later her had a heart attack tho didnt die.

    Then recently (Saturday) I let her lie in, then went to wake her up about 11am. She immediately told me of a dream she had of watching some people sing in a kind of holiday camp cabberet type setting. Sat next to her were a load of egyptian men. That was the morning the bombs went off at the egyptian holiday resort. We have no TV or radio in the room, so theres no way she would have anything to link or make her dream like that. OOOOOeeeeeeOOOOOO!!!

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