Premonition Dreams?

by Evanescence 43 Replies latest jw friends

  • Evanescence

    Just wondering, has anyone ever had Premonition dreams?


  • Ellie

    I did once dream about my grandad all night, my friend who I was shareing a room with at the time and who was a bit of a witch couldn't sleep at all that night.

    The next morning she got a phone call to say her grandad had died in the night.

  • mtbatoon

    A few but far more that have no link to reality. As our dreams have to take substance from somewhere isn't it more likely that sometimes things that we dream about come true rather than not?

  • Mary

    Yep. I've had them all my life..........I havent' a clue how to explain it though-----but it's pretty freaky when you're in a situation and you suddenly know what's going to happen next because you've had a dream about it.

  • googlemagoogle

    yesterday i dreamed about work. and you won't believe it, but today i worked...

  • tetrapod.sapien

    i always have these dreams lately where i am endlessly debating paranormalists online. trying over and over again to get them to use occam's razor even just once, and never getting anywhere.

    the next day...sure enough! i have NO idea how to explain it. freaky!


  • thom

    Was talking to my sister-in-law a couple of weeks ago and she was telling me how my brother and her daughter have been having the same dream for years. I told her "Hey, I have had this dream for many years about this house" and then gave her some details and she says "Oh sh**! That's the same dream they have! She put my brother on the phone and I find that all three of us are dreaming about the same house, with the same details and the same odd things about the house (it's a cool house).
    I can see that maybe my brother and I could be remembering something from childhood, but his step daugter was raised completely separate from us.

  • FMZ

    Tetra, I'll take you up on this. So, here goes. How would you apply Occam's razor to Thom's experience?

    How would you explain three people dreaming of the same house, one of which was completely removed from the upbringing of the other two? They dreamt of the same peculiarities (and take note of that, these aren't normal things wrong with a house, they were oddities.


  • Leolaia

    I had nothing like that but I am reminded of that interesting phone call I heard on the Art Bell show back in '94. It was the week that Susan Smith had reported her kids as kidnapped. No one knew yet what happened to them. And a woman called to the Coast to Coast AM show saying that she fell asleep while listening to the discussion on the case and said that she dreamt seeing the kids in a car in the bottom of a lake. I thought I'd make a mental note of that. That was on Wednesday or so. Then I come home on Friday and the big news is that they just discovered the kids in a car at the bottom of a lake. And I had this weird feeling.... I already knew that already! Though it was likely a coincidence, that moment of deja vu was quite startling...

  • thom

    So the woman that called the show had the dream before they found the kids, Leoleia? Kinda interesting.
    The interesting thing about the house that we dream about is that it appears to be the same house. Split level, large wide stairs in the entry, and most intesting is that all three of us are drawn to the fact that we've "found" a part of the house that appears to be through a door in the same location in all our dreams. It leads to what is almost another house. Two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and decorated in art deco. Even the layout of the furniture is the same for all three of us. In each of our dreams, we're the only ones that know about that part of the house.

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