Did you ever have to change phone number because of the JW's?

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  • JH

    Often, I changed phone number in the past, so that they wouldn't bother me. I remember being active and going to the meetings, but I still wanted none of them to have my phone number, knowing I would one day be inactive.

    How about you, ever change phone number because of them?

  • JH

    The last time I went to the hall, the brother taking care of the phone list, asked my new phone number. I said i only have a cell phone now. He still wanted to have it. I said NO.

    I don't know of any other witness that would have acted like me.....

    Yay for me !!!!!

  • GetBusyLiving

    I had to once, yeah. I was getting phone calls from tons of people wondering where I was. It was getting really creepy so I had the phone disconnected and moved. A few of them still managed to find me. I had to disassociate to get them all to f*ck off.


  • Finally-Free

    My hall was going through renovations and the elders in my hall, without asking for my permission, gave my unlisted phone number to the neighboring congregations elders, whom I did not even know. One day I got a call from some elder I didn't know, trying to recruit me to volunteerâ„¢ my services. I gave him hell for calling me and told him not to call again. Then I called my PO and yelled at him for his unauthorized disclosure of my personal information to third parties who were unknown to me. There's a reason I pay for unlisted service!

    So I changed my number and refused to give the elders my new one.


  • HadEnuf

    Well Mr. Rat, funny you should mention this! We do have an unlisted phone number...but we had that whilst still "in" and I'm afraid that many still have our number. But they never call. BUT...we did have to have my mother-in-law's phone number changed and unlisted because the fleshly sister of an elder in our congregation from out-of-state was extorting money from my 91 year old mother-in-law. She would call and give her a long sob story (she has all her family in da troof...but they are all scallywags and disgusting scoundrels themselves) about how poor she is and how her family mistreats her, and my mother-in-law, being of great age and shrinking thinking abilities...would send her checks. Over $4,000 worth!! We are considering legal action against her as I do believe that she was not only guilty of extortion; but fraud. Hmmmm...a felony.

    cathy l. "I'm mad as hell and can't take it anymore"

  • JH

    Changing phone number here is like a re-installation....and cost 55$ bucks plus tax....grrrr

    I should have sent them the bill. I did this a couple of times....

  • Purza
    Over $4,000 worth!! We are considering legal action against her as I do believe that she was not only guilty of extortion; but fraud. Hmmmm...a felony.

    Sounds like elder abuse. And no, I never changed my number until I moved. Before that I had caller ID and I never answered the numbers that were labelled "Private".


  • rebel8

    I've blocked several email addresses and changed my own in an effort to avoid unwanted emails from JW relatives.

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    I did change my address a few times, does that count

  • Scully

    We use a trick that is used by a lot of doctors: the home phone number is listed under my name, not Mr Scully's. If you aren't married, you can list your phone under your mother's or grandmother's maiden name, or ANY name you want. It's legal to do this in Canada. You can even use a fictional name.

    This way, you give your number to people you actually want to give it to and tell them it's unlisted. Also, when telemarketers call and ask for "Mrs Tiggywinkles", you know that someone is calling from a phone book listing, and doesn't know you. I have a much easier time telling those people to eff off once I know they don't really know me.

    It also prevents people from finding out your real name on an online reverse look-up database.

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