A Nice Alternative to Assemblies!

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  • metatron

    It's called "Omega Point" and it's located up in the Hudson Valley area of New York, in Rhinebeck.


    Think of it as a 'new age' camp for adults. Lots of authors, actors and well known 'new age' types give seminars there

    Learn to chant, meditate, speak French, be psychic, whatever - in a pleasant, remote natural setting. The vegetarian

    food is excellent. The best part is the people you meet there. That old dude struggling with a lotus position might be

    a university professor, the lady in the cutoff jeans is an M.D., and the guy teaching Buddhist chants has spent years

    in Bhutan learning the stuff.

    A very friendly place - I highly recommend it. One of these years I wanna learn about acting from Alan Arkin ( about $500

    for the three day seminar).

    I well remember the old days of ripping off my tie after a long boring assembly - imagine hitting Sunday afternoon

    feeling refreshed, relaxed and happy? - that's Omega!


  • Crumpet

    read a book call Atomised - its all about that kind of thing and has loads of sex in it - so even if you're not much of a reader you can enjoy the gratuitous sex by the bucket load.

  • logansrun

    I'm sorry, but anything that has Deepak Chopra connected to it I've resigned to be a royal waste of time -- and a rip-off.


  • rebel8

    I'm sick of him too. (Chopra that is, not Metatron)

  • metatron

    he ain't my favorite either but I can tell you that Omega has been very enjoyable even when I was completely skeptical of whoever

    was giving the seminar/workshop I signed up for.


  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    why would i want to talk bloody french?

  • lawrence

    Been to Omega - a new age, old age ripoff of pseudo-cool people, who are so "spiritually politically correct" they are sickening. Unless you can spout "groovy" for the week and smile falsely, it's not the place. Oh by the way, all these spiritual heavy weights were on the prowl for new "soul mates" and were distracted constantly with whose tent they could invade that evening. Yeah, curriculum looks good, wait until you get there. How do you say - GROOVY. Not! Remember Robbie, who taught all the marriage and relationship seminars, guess marriage was too much for him - he's gone. They found new replacements, Baba Guru Richness and Baba Fleece The Sheep. So much for your parade - i just whizzed on it, from experience.

  • rebel8

    I'm sure those camps are intellectually stimulating. I've found that I'm not much of a "joiner" after being deborgified.

    There is also a vacation spot in Chatauqua NY that is interesting, though less new agey. From what I understand, you pay a package price. Your package includes educational lectures, beach access, etc. I've always wanted to do that.

    Found it--it's called Chatauqua Institution. A bit pricey. I think I'll stay home and watch the history channel instead.

  • mrsjones5

    I just got back from a way better alternative to a jw convention - a Mary Kay Seminar!! Boy was it fun, tiring but totally fun.


  • metatron

    I've been there many times - and NO ONE has ever used the word "groovy" in my presense.

    I've gone there and openly offered the opinion that George Bush may be doing what is best

    for the world! - but I don't get shunned or thrown out, I'm dealing with ADULTS, you see!

    The folks at Omega are among the very kindest I've found anywhere on earth - and they

    ain't tryin' to convert you into any cult. After a life in Witnessdom (dumb) this feels pretty



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