A Nice Alternative to Assemblies!

by metatron 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • the_classicist

    If I remember correctly, the term "Omega Point" was first used by Jesuit professor Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    A nice alternative to an assembly is a vacation, no agenda, no "meetings", no nothing that I don't want to do. Sitting somewhere listening to somone talk just sounds too much like being at an assembly. Now sitting on a beach watching the sunset does it for me, the Omega thing sounds too much like my continuing education seminars I have to attend.

  • PopeOfEruke

    Getting root canal work done without painkillers would still be a nice alternative to an assembly.


  • JH

    Another nice alternative to the assemblies are the Apostofests

  • lawrence


    I used the word "groovy" to typify a mindset of "coolness" - I guess these days they refer to the term as the "beautiful people." Then again, if you believe that George Bush is "doing the best for the world" you need more than Omega. At BaBa DeepCrap's camp in Malibu they do extra special colonics, from bowel to brain - all the way up, back, and through. Do you know how ridiculous your statement is? Or did an elder drop you on your head along the DubWay? Really, do you hear yourself?

    How could the "beautiful people" shun you or remove you, after that statement, they just wondered where the hell you came from?

  • metatron

    Lawrence, I see nothing ridiculous about communing with kind friendly people or meditating so as to lower ones' blood pressure.

    Much of life, to the continued consternation of pseudo-skeptics, is simply a product of the beliefs you carry around with you.

    whether technically true or false. As in the movie, "Second Hand Lions", some things are too important not to be believed in.

    As for the governance of the US, some of us ( with a great deal of respect for history) take a l-o-n-g v-i-e-w. I am extremely

    happy that these terrorist troubles have occurred now and not in a few years so that the Western world can confront these

    violent issues before technology gives individuals any greater capacity to do harm than already exists.

    Frankly, you need to think deeply about the purpose of life - happiness - and how you can achieve more of it together

    with personal liberation from the intense bitterness you feel. I know, I've been there.


  • lawrence


    Thanks for the kind words. Just returned from my karate class. Blood pressure low, relaxation achieved, and rational enough to know that you sir are a very selfish person, especially when you say that your "longview approach" will preserve the Western world's way of life. No pain in THE NOW matters? You lack-of-feeling-inconsiderate-animal, go buy some vibration tapes and reprogram your akashic records. Don't you even feel a small amount of the pain being inflicted, or has the meditation vibed it all away? You say I'm bitter, you bet your ass I'm bitter when I hear such a hard hearted opinion of the future versus the present suffering inflicted by your regime.

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