Did you know you were being deceptive at the doors?

by truthseeker 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • Lapuce

    I knew I was and it bothered me alot........


  • inquirer
    Billygoat said -- Most JWs that walk away from our doors without selling us something believe (and sometimes tell us) that we'll die in Armageddon.

    It's sad really.

    Yeah. That makes me feel sick when they say that/think that! They've got an attitude problem! I'll think they'll die at armageddon for taking on the judgment seat of Jehovah! :( So crap! ONly Jehovah decides! I am sure there will be good Catholics, Anglicans and (some JW's) who will get another chance in the resurrection. Along with Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus and Gnostics. Some people just knew more about the bible than some other groups.

  • inquirer
    Elsewhere said --

    I perceived it as putting our best foot forward while minimizing the "bad" stuff.

  • inquirer

    Remember that definition of "lie" in the Insight book? quotes.watchtower.org bring it to our attention! Sorry about the messiness of my last 2 post guys! ...Just faulty computer stuff.

  • freedom96

    Did I ever purposely deceive anyone at the door? No. At the time I either believed it, or just didn't think about it, and was going through the motions.

  • DannyBloem

    I think we are a bit overreacting on this subject.

    There is nothing special about telling some good sides first and showing a little beter picture then reality.

    Every advertisement does it, we always do that. Consider when going on a date, do you not try to behave a bit better then average? Do you tell imediately all your bad qualities in all details?
    Nothing special here.


  • dedpoet

    no. at the time i saw it as an act of love, it was later, after i left, when i realised how deceitful i'd been

  • rebel8

    To answer the question of the thread, yes I did know I was supposed to be deceptive. I forgive myself for that because I realize I was just a manipulated teenager at the time. Once I realized I had choices, I got out. Others of different ages were manipulated and ultimately got out as well.

    My memory is fuzzy. Is there a book that teaches these deceptive techniques? I've actually been thinking about this recently. It would be really eye-opening for the general public to see these techniques in writing.

  • truthseeker

    Rebel18, see KM on "What to say about the magazines."

    If you have Jan 2002, look at the KM insert about "Presentations" on almost every publication they currently used.

  • defd

    I totaly disagree. Jesus did say we would become FISHERS of men. Do you think you would catch many fish by just throwing a bare HOOK out there? Absolutely not!

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