Why 1914 is utterly true (and so is 607 B.C.E.)

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  • inquirer

    That was a great post Terry! Awesome!

    Very well done!

  • rocketman

    Great stuff Terry...the history of the jws in a nutshell.

  • inquirer

    Are you going to do anymore parodys like this Terry?

  • Pshrug
    I wrote it too fast. I should revise it each week :)

    Spoken like a true Governing Body author... (heh)

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    That's the best laugh I've had in weeks Terry.



  • Maverick
  • z

    Awesome! I’m going to show this master work to my JW friend

    Must likely he will never talk to me again LOL

    Terry great post keeps it coming thx


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Great work, Terry.

  • Terry

    You know, if you could actually get some truth serum into a Governing Body member and watch him try to justify the history of JW's, I really don't think his efforts would stray very far from my original post.

    When I had lunches with Johnny (the eternal JW) he'd rope-a-dope me till hell froze over. But, when I'd get him on the ropes he'd always lapse into his "faith" foxhole. It finally dawned on me that the reason none of the glaring discrepencies really shakes a dyed-in-the-wool Witness is because they don't THINK ABOUT what they believe in any chain of logic. They just open the box and drop it in!

    No cognitive action happens.

    I have often said a JW is like a person with no doors on their house who lives out in the country. One day they wake up and there are racoons in the pantry, scorpions in the toilet and a goat in the closet! They have no idea why their house is filled with annoying and intrusive things; but, they just continue to live with them even though it is awkward and often dangerous.

    If a JW thought for themselves they'd put the door back on their house (QUESTION THINGS before admitting them into their belief.)

    But, no.

    And the result is the quirky belief system from the Pleides we all use to salute before breakfast as we packed our bookbags and slogged off to rattle the neighbor's screendoor.

    Tsk tsk.

  • dedpoet

    Terry, thankyou so much, i love that post, i will save that and look at it whenever i am depressed, which isn't often now i'm out of the wt, i haven't laughed so much in years

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