Very Very sad. Typical Jdub Love

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    I was as guilty as the next person, FS was the priority. Shame on me!

    Don't worry I think we all were guilty of this at one time, just part of the process of being a witnesse and then coming to the realization that they aren't a faithful slave but rather a demanding master. Of course the elderly aren't important, or definenatly not as important as recruiting new prospects, which in turn are focused on recruiting more new prospects. The good old pyramid structure, very typical of cults. The old are just that to them "old and no longer useful". They shuffle them to the side, pay them token service or lip service, but in reality practice a whole different standard. Basically another double standard of the JW religion. They do what they do best and that is be hypocrites to their own beliefs.


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Haven't been back to this thread for awhile. There was an elderly brother in our congregation, many in fact, their average age would have been around 80. THis is an old congregation. I have always had an affinity with older persons and did all I could for them. I mowed one widow's lawn regularly, without any payment except the smile on her face. There was an older brother who was 85 or so who had a stroke. He had trouble speaking and was incontinent. I would go and read with he and his wife every week from the B.Story book up until he died a year later. I will never forget Albert's look of frustration with the stroke and appreciation for the company.

    My point is this,

    Now you know why I am leaving the Borg. No one else does that. I was a freak for doing it. Why didn't I make my Pioneer hours one month? I was at Albert's house reading with and to him. That's why. Screw you "Brothers".

    Free at last!


  • BluesBrother

    I am glad that Wasanelder resurrected this thread. My experience of congo care for the elderly was that it was very sporadic. There were some who did get a lot of help and others who were totally ignored . Why certain ones?

    a) they lived not far away

    b) they had previously had a good service record and always been central to the congo activities

    c) they were always grateful, never complaining and always thanked Jehovah (made the elders feel good by requesting that they say a prayer when there)

    Then the congo could point to these ones as evidence of its love to the elderley - the rest were forgotten

    One old lady said in as many words that she had sussed this out , when I was visiting (on the rota I might add , no special thoughtfulness on my part). Mollie said she had followed an old saying "Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone" So she got help because people felt good when they had visited her.

    In reality it is the Dub system that is responsible . Dubs are under pressure to put down hours on their report .. You dont get to be a M/S by neglecting your hours to visit the "oldsters"

  • Dimples

    Sorry to hear your story Ticker It always makes me angry how they claim their love is so differently and how much they love one another. It is true that they love you as long as you do what they feel you should be doing in the organization. Don't get sick, or old, that is when they write you off. What kind of love is that? It is definelty not unconditional love!

    unconditional love

    affection with no limits or conditions; complete love


  • willy_think

    Hi tuck,

    What can I say? It is heartbreaking, and all too typical of this monster-publishing house.

    To live ones entire life in a dream only becomes tragic upon waking.

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