First annual Apostate Independence Day?? Any takers? Lurkers L00k please.

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  • Netty
    Have to have an anthem, any ideas?

    "Let Freedom Ring"

    There is a country song that says this. I believe its sung by Faith Hill, but dont quote me.

    Great idea Ip-sec

  • Netty
    Have to have an anthem, any ideas?

    "Let Freedom Ring"

    There is a country song that says this. I believe its sung by Faith Hill, but dont quote me.

    Great idea Ip-sec

    Well, I thought I said the name of the song. Its called Independence Day. Pretty fitting hu?

  • carla


    You know I was never a jw right? But, will be happy to send whatever to the elders and NY. carla

  • mad max
    mad max

    They had just announced that loubelle and myself are no longer........but I will be very game to put in a letter announcing, Independence day or Freedom Day.

    Then I will get a chance to tell them that they a a bunch of liars etc and put the BLOOD ON THEIR HEAD.

    We in South Africa, just let me know.


  • lawrence

    I DA'ed long ago, but I'll go to a hall to DA again. During the WT Q & A, raise my hand and stand up and read a DA letter and leave it with the mic guy. Man, the telephone line to NY should heat up. The special guys, Zone Overseers will be charged with controlling district hysteria. Yeah, 2 waves sounds great - maybe August 1st week, then September 1st week. Maybe every first week of the month after that. Then they can have special talks to coincide with mass "quitting."

    IP- maybe a good template letter on this board would assist? Then filling in the blanks will allow many to be sent to Brooklyn, fact and fiction. Keep them busy! Let Bethelites see the exodus. Crooklyn is tumbling down.

  • Dan-O

    "Have to have an anthem, any ideas?"

    How about The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again"?

  • diamondblue1974

    I think the decision to disassociate oneself is akin to the decision to get baptised and is highly personal, whilst I like the idea it does have some way to go before the idea is refined properly; if I decided to DA myself in the manner suggested it would take away the impact of my decision personally and spiritually. Great idea in principle.

    My input would be to try and get as many unbelievers (who have had no association other than indirect) to post DA letters...imagine the confusion?...a congregation receives 3+ DA letters from people they have no record of...imagine the confusion worldwide???


  • mtbatoon

    Brilliant idea if it can be pulled off but I don't know how many would be able to. Why limit it to just DAing? If you want to show the WTS the amount of opposition it has internally and from it's ex members have a full day of protest. Faders sent anonymous letters and e-mails to their cong or national head office stating their bogus FS hours, the picketing class can picket halls, you get the picture.

    Make it a international day of giving the WTS the finger.

  • IP_SEC

    Well it looks like the world is not ready for this idea. This is understandable as DAing is an uber scary prospect. How about eze3's idea?

    Other actions would include:
    • Count zero hours on a specific month
    • Count an abnormally high number of return visits (say 30) on a paticular month
    • Place an abnormally high number of books (say 10) in a paticular month

    Something that would show up on the radar and be revealed in every Kingdom Ministry service report. That kind of success would benchmark the fact that many active JWs are in fact lurkers and prepare for a more drastic action.

  • Honesty
    I'd ALMOST get reinstated just so I could do it again that way!!

    Me too. I don't think they will consider reinstating me unless I reject Jesus as my Lord, though.

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