Pope thinks hitting children is "Beautiful"

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  • cofty
    There is a difference between spanking and abuse.

    Abuse is a spectrum with severe, criminal behaviour at one end and smacking at the other.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    After the beating, my parents would hug me and say they loved me.

    Oh, yes - similar to the old lie " It is hurting me more than it is hurting you", said as he administers a flogging.

    I regret to have to say that I am very familiar with that one!



    cofty said:

    Spanking is done by lazy parents who wish to convey the message that violence is the way to control other people.

    The only way my mom conveyed her displeasure was to hit me. She didn't take things away from me or sit down and try to reason with me. She thought violence was her only way to control me. It only stopped when she knew I would fight back one day and pound on her.

    I remember the time my friends and I played football in the rain and came home with wet clothes and mud all over. Instead of taking the clothes and putting them in the washing machine, she went insane and had me take my clothes off and started hitting me with a belt. I ran upstairs and tried to close the door on her. She came in the room to hit me some more.

    Looking back,all she had to do was have me take off the clothes and have them washed. Why did having wet clothes to wash drive her so insane? She just took all her frustrations out on me.

    To anyone who believes in spanking, why did you stop at a certain age? Were you in fear that one day your children might be a little stronger than you and fight back?

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