Tonight, I talk to the elders about becoming an unbaptised publisher.

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  • Buck

    Tonight I meet with the Overseer? and another elder. Plus the older gentlemen who I study with. They will ask me some questions out of the Organized to do Jehovahs will book. Then I will be a publisher.

    I feel like Iam being forced into doing this because the person I love is already a baptised witness. Iam a little fuzzy on some aspects. I feel really unsure about what Iam about to go through.

    Any thoughts?

    One question:

    Why do witnesses never talk about Russell or Rutherford?

  • wanderlustguy

    Because then they have to admit that they have been wrong...and doing so about the foundation of the Org opens a huge can of worms that no Witness can ever shut.

    They are afraid of those questions, and will label you apostate for asking too many of them.

  • BrendaCloutier

    Buck, just avoid baptism at all costs....

  • SixofNine

    :Why do witnesses never talk about Russell or Rutherford?

    Because if they talked about Russell or Rutherford, then occasionally people would feel the need to actually read what Russell and Rutherford wrote... and then witnesses would realize that their religion is based on the rantings of a couple of insane ego-maniacs/clowns. We can't have that, now can we?

  • Crumpet

    Do you actually want to go out door knocking? If not then ask them awkward questions and you won't have to, they''ll just postpone it.

    I do not envy you!

  • stevenyc

    This is a tough one Buck. My guess is that if you start asking them tricky questions like Russel, Rutherford, UN association, New Light"™, 607...... then they will see you as a probable apostate type associate and MAY start to discourage your loved one from being with you.

    The JDub organization is an asocial type cult. If you plan to be with your loved one for a long time, then severing ties with them, COULD mean severing tie with her(I'm guessing your a guy from you name).

    I think I would tell them this is a step into a life changing moment, to serve Jehovah, and ask for a little more time of prayer with Jehovah, to make sure He feels your ready. This should give you a little more time. Then, talk to your girl and find out from her if she will always be a JDub.

    If she will never leave, then its up to you to decide what this life will mean for you.

    Joining this cult will mean your devotion to them is above all other things, including your loved ones.


    ps welcome to the board.

  • IP_SEC


    Im not sure if you appreciate how huge this step is. The reason they meet with you is to make sure you understand that, even though you are not baptised you will still be viewed as a witness.

    This means that you are now placing yourself under their authority. This gives them jurisdiction over your personal life. If you are not ready, then dont recognize their authority. When you become an unbaptized publisher, door knocking becomes a must do.

    Are you ready for this?

  • Buck

    iam not sure what to do.

    but if I dont start taking "postive growth" I will lose her.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    hey buck,

    this board is full of people whose lives have be ruined by this cult. is love really worth it? what if you want to change your mind once you are in? that could ruin your love life too.

    i think you are in a good position to help your girlfriend out of the cult, since she does not consider you biased.

    but it's true what brenda says, avoid baptism at all costs. and don't ever let them fool you into thinking that they have "the truth". it has been proven beyond a doubt that they do not have it. and IP_SEC has a good point too. remember that even this step will put you under their control to a large degree.

    good luck man,


  • Nosferatu
    I feel like Iam being forced into doing this because the person I love is already a baptised witness. Iam a little fuzzy on some aspects.

    Well, let me clear some of this up for you. Do you know what's required of an unbaptized publisher?

    - You need to go door to door at least once a month
    - You need to turn in a monthly report on how many hours you spent knocking on doors and how many magazines you've placed.
    - If you do not turn in your monthly report, the PO phones you and asks you for your stats.
    - If you're sporatic in your door to door work, you become an irregular publisher
    - If you quit turning in a report, you become an inactive publisher. A shepharding call will follow.
    - If you turn in your publisher badge, you are announced from the stage as "no longer an unbaptized publisher". You are then marked as "Spiritually Weak" or even "Bad Association".

    You are committing yourself to a life of selling magazines full of lies for the rest of your life as a JW. It fucking blows. If you're not a good salesman, you'll hate it.

    Also, you're putting yourself through a lot of crap just for "love". However, the person you love doesn't have the same love for you. The WTS is her first love. Jehovah is her second. The Elders are her third. The congregation is her fourth. Her JW relatives are her fifth. Any children she has will be her sixth. You will be dead last.

    You're better off finding a woman who isn't going to make you crawl through the JW mud to show that you love her. She SHOULD love you for the person you are, not the person you're going to be. She's expecting you to become a good JW. Her expectations are high, and you're most likely going to let her down (proof: you're on this website). Once you leave the JWs, you eliminate the common ground for your relationship: the JW religion. She's going to expect you to build your relationship on the religion instead of love.

    If you're willing to sacrifice all your morals, beliefs, and even love for some woman, you've not only got a lot to learn, but you're going to experience a ton of pain while learning.

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