Gave my first hour talk sunday before last

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  • Perry

    I started going door to door at age 5 and was giving No. 2 talks by age 7. During the 8 years I was an active adult JW I was never a MS or Elder (although I was a regular pioneer once). So, I never qualified to give an hour talk. 

    I gave my first hour talk two Sundays ago (complete with Powerpoint) at my church on the subject of Jehovah's Witnesses and some of their doctrines. 

    Funny how things end up. 

  • stillin

    My daughter was a poster child for the local churches as she came out from the WT.

    the TMS trained her well, to speak in front of people. I just hope she never bad mouthed her parents...

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    You had me going there for a moment Perry. I thought, based on your title, that you were still in and giving talks at the Kingdom Hall.

  • prologos
    Perry, give us details. Does this audience believe too, that Her Majesty,  Eve gave an audience to the talking snake? 
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Prologos, Perry believes in the talking snake.

  • snare&racket

    Well Perry, I am happy for you. 

    There are in my opinion, a spectrum of dangerous belief systems and despite our differing views on belief, I am happy to see you advance far away from a particularly ugly one, Watchtower. We have that in common bro. Hope you enjoyed giving your talk, I imagine it felt like a milestone.


  • Perry

    It was a great personal achievement for me to be able to talk objectively about Jehovah's Witnesses and encourage Christians to have real compassion for members at their door. I was able to explain why when Christians talk about Heaven it doesn't mean the same thing to a JW, as well as other areas of disconnect, .... trinity, soul sleep, etc.

    I wrapped up with a door to door demonstration. My wife was the JW and came on stage with my 8 Yr. old and knocked on the door. I showed how to avoid arguments and with only 2 scripture citations from the NWT leave the Witness with the "I don't know" look. 

    I prepared for a week but, I think everyone liked the 3 minute demo the best. 

  • MissFit
    That sounds interesting PERRY.  What 2 scriptures did you use?
  • Perry
    Hebrews 9: 27 and Matthew 26: 27, 28
  • OnTheWayOut
    Congratulations.  Was your audience like you in that they use confirmation bias to dismiss genuine science and blindly accept creationism?

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