Gave my first hour talk sunday before last

by Perry 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • erbie

    Irrespective of our own beliefs, it is nice to see that some people, upon leaving the WT cult, go on to do other more constructive things which place them in a unique position to educate others on the topic of the Jehovah's Witnesses whether it is from a religious or scientific perspective.

    Much more productive than just becoming bitter and knotted up with anger.


  • carla

    Thank you for doing that! I wish more people would give talks about the cult. A church is the perfect place to reach many people who already believe in God. It is exactly some of those very people who the cults pick up because they do not have black and white answers to all things like the cults and particularly the jw's do. 

    Most people have no answer to some of the things jw's bring up because they make no sense or have no relevance whatsoever to mainstream Christians. They also do not realize the language is so different, example; the Holy Spirit is something completely different to a jw and a mainstream Christian and so on........  (the whole jw Daniel statue thing is something I still can't wrap my head around and to be honest I find it almost humorous, at least when my jw was trying to explain it years ago)

  • garyneal
    I like it, good job.
  • Vidiot

    Perry - "It was a great personal achievement for me to be able to talk objectively about Jehovah's Witnesses and encourage Christians to have real compassion for members at their door."

    ...he said, without a hint of irony.

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