Gave my first hour talk sunday before last

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  • NewYork44M
    You would never be able to give a public talk at the KH using PowerPoint.  But the good thing about giving public talks is that you get to count your time.  You should post your PP on YouTube. I would love to see them.
  • Perry

    I may post something in the future. I looked at the video and wasn't happy with my delivery. I used a script as opposed to an outline because I have a terrible habit of wandering off too much when using an outline. 

    The Wall Street Journal recently had an interesting piece on creation here. But regardless of what position ex members take, I think that we would all agree that Christians are in a unique position to help JW's question their own beliefs from a biblical point of view.

    They may shun us, but they actively seek out Christians at their homes. 

  • nicolaou
    Blind leading the blind . . 
  • smiddy

          Perry, while I don`t agree with your beliefs I respect that you have them and that is your business.Each to his own.....I for one would love to hear/see  your presentation about Jehovah Witnesses .

    You would have reached an audience that people like myself ,an Atheist , would not have .

    The more people that hear about the "truth" of  this religion the better ,no matter from what source.

    I would not worry about how professional you sounded or came across , it was your first 1 hour talk , who wouldn`t  be nervous .

    How many people would have been in attendance if you don`t mind my asking.And what was the response afterwards . 


  • smiddy

    You would never be able to give a public talk at the KH using PowerPoint .

    I wouldn`t  bet on that if I were you N.Y.44M , with all the changes taking place within the past year anything can happen , who would have believed , 10 years ago  what we are seeing today sanctioned by the organisation .


  • Perry
    How many people would have been in attendance if you don`t mind my asking.And what was the response afterwards 

    Around 100 people. Response was positive. I heard the term "overwhelming" and "information overload" thrown around a bit. The demo really helped to simply the info. Without the demo I think it would not have done what I intended it to do. Sound room said they had a lot of requests for the video tape.

    Pastor and elders loved it.

  • Phizzy

    Well done Perry, I feel that most of my friends in the Christian community who are simply members and not Elders or whatever, are ill-equipped to deal with JW's in a discussion situation.

    Of course, the average R&F JW spends all of his/her F.S time trying to avoid speaking with someone who has even a small amount of knowledge, but some householders may get the opportunity to talk with JW's, and reason with them, and need to be equipped to do so. You must have helped fill the need for knowledge of what they are dealing with.

  • StarTrekAngel
    Perry, briefly, what were your points around those two scriptures?
  • Perry

    Briefly, the approach is this:

    The Watchtower has everyone believing they are living in Judgment Day NOW, and that the judgment revolves around how active they are with the Watchtower, ie. meeting attendance, field service etc.

    However, Hebrews 9:27 destroys this myth by clearly saying that judgment occurs AFTER a person dies.

    The second myth that the Watchtower teaches is that the New Covenant (also called the blood covenant) is ONLY for government positions, (limited to 144K)

    Matthew 2: 27 , 28 destroys this myth by clearly stating that the New Covenant is "for the forgiveness of sins". 

    So, once the JW at your door admits to you that they are not personally part of the new covenant (they will initially claim that they are until you question them about their involvement in the Lord's Supper), you can simply read these two scriptures from their own bible and the problem immediately becomes apparent. 

    If the NC is for forgiveness of sins and they are not part of the New Covenant, how do they get their sins forgiven?

    If handled with love and concern, you'll get the deer in the headlights look every time. 

  • FayeDunaway
    The way the witnesses twist the simplicity of communion and who receives it has always confounded me. Strange teachings. Thanks for the thread, and I like your scriptures. 

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