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  • label licker
    label licker

    The guy being interviewed while sitting with his wife in the car was the elder that admitted that he lied at my judicial committee which I have on tape. He tried saying I had said something to him and his wife and I called him a liar right to his face and then he said I didn't really say what I had been accused of.

    The night of the fire, he gave our friend who is captain on the fire department a special card identifying him as one of jw's. Our friend thought that was weird since that's why we have given names. No doubt the shmuck  will use this as an assembly part as well as count his time.

    His wife told us that pioneers deserve special perks and neither one of them ever liked service, when they were at the groups. She was the one that was yelling at my husband the one evening in the parking lot of the kingdom hall over something she thought she heard. Her husband tried to tell her she was wrong and to be quiet but she went nuts.She's the biggest gossip and is the queen bee of the hall.

    He was the one that took all my so called accusers to a coffee shop before testifying at my jc, wanting to make sure they had their stories straight which they couldn't remembers. I was publically reproved for discouraging the young ones from pioneering six years ago.

    It was his 72 year old non witness mother who's home had burned down. She was trying to stay warm and the heater caught fire. She lives alone and made it out alive. Now the community is having a fundraiser for her this weekend. So where's the love of the jw's????

    He's also the one that told us in a meeting that the elders have no say on what they can do with pedophiles. We weren't even talking about pedophiles but how the territory was making comments about the one elders fifteen year old daughter being pregnant and why is he still an elder. That's the answer we got for that question. He's also on the liason committee. He has no clue how to answer the questions concerning blood fractions. I asked him to explain and he said if your hand was dismembered and laying on the ground you wouldn't let it stay there but you would take it with you to the hospital and let them sew it back on. Well, that's the same with the blood fractions. My husband and I just looked at each other and thought WTF????? You almost have to pity this guy.

    Just the other day someone had come to us telling us this idiot told him he felt bad for what happened to us and that what happened to us shouldn't concern him. These elders forced their way into his home and ran us down to him and his wife and wanted dirt on us. They kicked them out and he hasn't been back to the hall nor will he ever go back after what they did to him and his family on account of us. So I wrote the RCMP and they advised me to get a lawyer. What these elders are doing now is called indirect stalking and can be charged if they don't stop going to others and talking about us.  Yesterday I sent the letter that I wrote to the RCMP as well as their reply back and sent it all to this goon elder telling him this is the first and last warning they get or else they will be hearing from our lawyers. Had enough!

    They don't even allow you to leave quietly even after you've been kicked out. My face book has all these apostate sites as my likes all for the world to see and they won't df me. But my husband walks away from them waving bye bye calling them the whores of babylon and he gets df'd. Go figure

    Sorry I went on and on. 

  • Simon
    They don't even allow you to leave quietly.

    If they just let people leave without any consequences then they would have lots of empty halls.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Interesting story, LL.

    I just sent you a PM.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    I am so grateful for everyone who contributes their personal horror stories concerning how the Elders have treated them, because it has reinforced my belief to have a cast-iron response for any Rotweiler types who decide to stalk me - absolute refusal to discuss anything to do with the Org, its teachings, or my non/beliefs.

    Silence is golden!

  • label licker
    label licker
    He was also the guy that stomped down the aisle after a Sunday meeting towards me with his bible opened showing off in front of others pointing and saying: see, the word governing body is in the bible. I looked at what he was pointing at and yes, those words are in the footnotes of the bible, not the scriptures themselves. I was embarrassed for him and just walked away. They really are clueless. Your right searcher, accept my Rotti would lick you to death before he would ever attack. He will go home with anyone. If you leave your car door open, he will jump in thinking he is going for a car car ride. 
  • Vidiot

    Simon - "If they just let people leave without any consequences then they would have lots of empty halls."


    Every authoritarian religion fears a mass exodus. The WTS has experienced it twice, and they are not eager to go through it again.

    That being said, I can't help but wonder how the leadership reconciles the long-standing desire for growth with the increasing desire to get rid of all the faders, fakers, and fence-sitters.

    But then, they don't have any trouble reconciling the knowledge that it's wrong with the belief that it's "True".

  • label licker
    label licker I thought the fundraiser was this weekend but they already had it. Notice in the video it was all her community members that supported the fundraiser. I did not see one jw there, not even her son or his wife. Pay attention all you lurkers for this is what your organisation is really all about. NO LOVE!!!!!! Only love for themselves and that's it.

    This goes against the scripture to honour your mother and father. Another one of god's laws that were broken.


    You should feel sorry for him. He's just a miguided individual, who is more than likely mentally and emotionally compromised. He's nothing without his cult status/power. The idea of losing that is too much for his fragile psyche. 

    You need to divorce yourself from his poisonous ways. He is a weight dragging you down. Do have the circumstances to get away from these people for good? 


  • hoser
    Vidiot3 days ago

    Simon - "If they just let people leave without any consequences then they would have lots of empty halls."


    Every authoritarian religion fears a mass exodus. The WTS has experienced it twice, and they are not eager to go through it again.

    Kinda  like if North Korea opened their borders everyone would leave.  
  • label licker
    label licker
    Thanks Data Dog and I have. Someone just pm'd me and she knows the whole family. All I can say is wow.

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