EXPERTS ONLY! A Pop Quiz on (current) Watchtower teaching

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  • Fisherman

    The past 7/15/2013 ws explains the present wts position on j "return" (1914), and his "coming" (soon)  as judge. WTS never taught a second coming before (except his 1918 arrival or coming)  but only the parousia of 1914. However, the referenced article states   the new wts position  that j will come or arrive in the future. What has not changed is j invisibility.

    No matter how you cut it, Jesus came to earth at the time of his birth and j said that he would come again in the future. 1+1=2.

    What is significant about 1914 is: The end of Gentile Times and the establishment of God's heavenly kingdom and the casting of Satan to the earth (dust you will eat all the days of your life), but  since a century has passed by -a lifetime- of people rejecting the "kingdom message"; something does not add up. Not that there is any doubt about the certainty of 1914, but that besides his parousia that began back then, there is also his coming or arrival future to 1914. That is when the "son of man is revealed", when everyone will be forced to "see" , during the gt. In summary, although Jesus returned invisibly in 1914 (this is referred to as his parousia), He is also coming or arriving also invisibly (again) during the gt.

    The  wt study  article cited states the official wts poistion. Interpret for yourself.

    Keep  in mind that since the Gentile Times ended in 1914, God can  intervene in human rulership from 1914 onward. Even at present God can intervene -if the Gentile Times have ended.

  • millie210
    Lots of "Ahh ahh ahh," but so far, no "CHOO!"

    So Terry when are you going to post the answers?

    I cant wait!

  • scary21

    1 no





    6- future


    8-To help support Christ's brothers.

    9-yes     since he was baptized


  • konceptual99
    You ready to put us out of our misery yet Terry?
  • konceptual99
    Obviously not...
  • Slave4_38y
    Konceptual99, Terry said he will not post the answers for several days. But are Terry's days literal 24 hour days? How does this relate to Jehoiakim's 3rd year of rulership? The plot thickens! 
  • TD

    2.   Is Jesus’ 2nd (parousia) presence the same thing as his ‘coming?’

    I would question whether JW theology holds that Jesus has a 2nd parousia at all

    Or is this a deliberate trick question? 

  • TD

    --I could be misreading you entirely, Terry, but looking forward to seeing the documentation if you say what I think you're going to say.

  • TerryWalstrom

    So Terry when are you going to post the answers?

    I cant wait!


    I must confess it is enjoyable to survey just how disconnected we all have become from 'firm' knowledge of official Watchtower Doctrine. And, who could blame anybody for wanting to wash their hands of all the nonsense?

    I think we all agree, when the Internet was born (thanks, Al Gore:) the Watchtower was jerked out of their safe waters onto the deck of the Good Ship Disclosure. For at least the last 15 years, this desperate fish has flipped and flopped like crazy, gasping for relief from the endless parade of devastating revelations about Governing Body confusion as to exactly what they are teaching and why!

    I'm equally curious as to the assault Science has made on Mormon claims of 'restored Truth.'  Genetic research and archeology have delivered blow after blow--often by Mormon scholars--but, the Internet has been especially cruel.

    The official statement of the Mormon Apostolic leadership is that scholars should stick a cork in it because: "it is not faith-building" to tell the truth.  Ha ha ha ha ha.


    Anyway, I'll post the answers after a couple of more days. There have been some excellent posts herein. I continue to watch and read with fascination!

  • TD

    I must confess it is enjoyable to survey just how disconnected we all have become from 'firm' knowledge of official Watchtower Doctrine.

    Maybe so, but you're going to get less cries of, "Foul" after the fact if you clarify now.

    "Coming" has several uses in JW theology depending upon what problematic passage they're trying to explain away.

    "Parousia" is both a Greek word and a theological concept. The two really aren't the same thing at all.

    The doctrine of the Faithful and Discreet Slave itself has never been regarded as a prophecy.  It was the scriptural passages themselves (i.e. Matthew 24:45-47; Luke 12:42-46) that were interpreted as prophetic.

    "Save" also has multiple meanings in JW theology. (i.e. JW's draw a distinction between surviving the Great Tribulation vs. "Ultimate" salvation at the end of the millennium)

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