Do Jehovah's Witnesses Have The Reputation THEY Think They Have?

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  • greendawn

    Seeker4 are there indeed 500 million Pentacostals? or is it 50 million more likely? I think that figure should be revised. Check it.

  • willyloman
    NO ONE has any idea that that is the message the Witnesses are there to tell.

    Absolutely true. Dubs have spent 125 years and "millions of hours" preaching at people's doors and no one has any idea what their message is (other than no birthdays or holidays).

  • LongHairGal

    No they don't. In fact, I worked with a man who knew another witness and was of the opinion that they attracted people who either came from dysfunctional homes or had psychological problems.

    Hardly flattering.

  • upside/down

    They are legends in their own minds!

    So much of their world doesn't exist... everyone is not "watching" them, they are not a spectacle before men, no one admires them, very few read their literature (debunking the WT & AW being the most widely "read" mags.... most widely distributed maybe..."read" NO WAY!), and no one is out to ban or persecute them without provocation (they almost always bring it upon themselves by some silly adherence to WT policy). They are not the topic of conversation and frankly no one give a rats ass... except when the peace of their home is violated by an early morning knock on the door by this pesky cult.

    I know.... I lived it for 20 years (and questioned it the whole time), but was told to be patient and "wait on J" and he would "fix" all this crap in "due time".... yeah right.


  • love2Bworldly

    LongHairGal--that reminded me of an argument I had in highschool with a girl who claimed that the only JW's she knew were losers who were dysfunctional and had a lot of personal problems.

  • Shania

    The only reputation they have in the minds of outsiders is: "THEY ARE A CULT" I personally would refute this, but now I know they are a cult that do not give to charity or help others in times of disaster. I have seen God working with so many loving and helping organizations than what is told to us by the TOWER. The JW are a very selfish cult and their god is money and sad..............

  • Quotes

    It has been my experience, both while "in" and now I'm "out", that people know almost nothing about JWs.

    People do NOT know what their "message of good news" is. They have NO IDEA. It is not that they don't understand it, or that they misunderstand it; rather it is that they have NO IDEA about it.

    All they know is:

    • magazine sellers on weekend mornings. Even people who have accepted the mags don't know what they are all about

    • ususally misunderstand the blood thing as "no medical treatment of any kind"

    • (as already mentiioned) confuse them with SDA and/or LDS, and think that they don't drink any alcohol or coffe

    • (I get a kick out of this) think that they don't believe in Jesus Christ (not a surprising mistake considering the way they often ignore JC in facour of an OT style worship)

    • Where I used to work, one guy (a salesman, perfect career for a JW!) was known as a JW. He was also known by the rest of the office as the guy most hooked on going to STRIP CLUBS. He went to Strip Clubs more than anyone else; if anyone in the office went, he was there too, not matter what the occaision. I swear, I'm not making this up. People would ask me "I didn't think JWs were allowed to do that. What is up with Sean P.???"

    I honestly can't recall anyone saying they know JWs as especially honest and/or trustworthy.

    In other words, their ONE BILLION hours per year in "bible education work" should be recognized by efficiency experts as the MOST INEFFECTIVE advertising campaign on Earth. *That* is what they *should* be known for.

    ~Quotes, of the "VP of Marketing should be fired" class
  • heathen

    I've found that most people do not like the j-dubs and consider them a cult . It seems only the ones related to members may have a different opinion . After all they can be very nice when wanting to impose the impression of humility and unconditional love but it seems that they turn very easily with very little provocation . It suddenly isn't about a person just trying their best anymore but somehow a person that is smearing " jehovahs " name . They are hypocritical and manipulative just like anybody else for that matter .

  • Liberty

    As far as the vast majority of the world's population goes the JWs have about the same impact as a fart in a hurricane. This was one of many shocks I had when emerging from this cult of self-delusion. As so many have already expressed, the JW cosmology is so esoteric and complex that even most JWs don't understand what they believe in, let alone the public at large. The JW preaching work is a complete failure by any measure. Most of their "theocratic" stratagey was concieved in the 1930's as an enrichment scheme for one man, Judge Rutherford, and it is still stuck there in time. They don't even bother to update the methods used to spread "this life saving" message.Going door to door in an age where both parents work and the kids are at school or day care is a clear waste of time and yet they are still doing it. Their own belief in their self-importance is as delusional as their belief that Armageddon is right around the corner.....if the corner is 120+ years around. They are seen for just what they are, religious nuts crying wolf over and over again to the point where no one is listening.

  • jaffacake

    Many religions have much better track records in terms of spreading the gospel far more extensively than Jehovah?s Witnesses. There are now 20 million SDAs. When I was an Adventist I thought we were the only ones doing this so extensively, in so many languages, and on a truly earth-wide scale. Although the Watchtower says the Bible has now been translated into more than 1,900 languages, and some might read into that comment that this was by the Watchtower Society, it is other Christian groups who have achieved this feat. All the evidence indicates that only in Countries where other Christians have already spread the Gospel, have Jehovah?s witnesses spread extensively. Jehovah?s Witnesses currently carry out about half of one percent of worldwide Gospel missionary work now going on. Some Christian groups are experiencing real persecution on quite a large scale, similar to that experienced by witnesses and others in the past.

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