Do Jehovah's Witnesses Have The Reputation THEY Think They Have?

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  • sf

    Ha! Reputation that oozes hypocrisy. Isn't it fun to WITNESS? As I did this weekend at a wedding where 'mother' was an her elder husband. You should have seen them...acting as worldly as most of the people there. Over drinking, taking pictures of family member's that will soon be dead at the hands of jehovah...armageddons victims, acting as if they truly held some sort of real emotion with every click of the camera; basically hypocrisizing all over the place. It disgusted me so.

    She came over to our table (she and he can't sit and eat a meal with birdfood when what they are serving is chicken!) with her trusty camera. I felt like getting up yet was frozen thinking..."she isn't, she wouldn't...i mean, why?". She did. That type of blatent hypocrisy is what really burns my core. Tears, not tears, me up.

    Then when we were leaving and I was saying my goodbyes and expressing my gratitude for even being included in this event (oh yea, there was lots of debate between family members as if to even put my mom and me in same vicinity for any length of time). I guess she felt I was going to pass up hugging her or even saying goodbye. (Geez, I'm not that rude or uncivil)

    She held her arms out and hugged me before I could even catch my breath. I just stood there. I did not put my arms around her. She squeezed me so tight it almost upchucked everything I've been stuffing for years. She got lucky, as I was able to swallow that and get it back to it's place. She finally let go and looked at me as if. All I could say was "have a safe drive home". By the look on her face, she was surely expecting if. God, she has a lot of nerve. She' s so lucky that hindsight is just that, hindsight. I could have said so many things in her ear as she was hugging me. Like: you can let go now, the show is over. Or: you're lucky you got drunk tonight instead of me and i ended up tearing your mask off your face. Or: you don't fool me. you and i know how you and raloh and your congregants really feel about everyone around you here tonight. Or: ....well, you get the idea.

    Suffice it to say, I bite my tongue the entire night. The hypocrisy and pretending that jws are able to display to the public is what keeps them from harm actually. If the public, the people at that wedding REALLY KNEW how jws and my mom view the world and it's people around them, I can assure you there would be hell to pay. (I envisioned that night after getting into bed, lying and thinking how disgusted i was having to witness such hypocrisy, how i would of desired to get up and say something like: ladies and gentlemen...i'm glad to know that you think my mom really cares about any of you, but let me paint you a picture if i may...... then i drifted off to sleep).

    Wow, I wrote a bit more here than I really intended to or even wanted to take a risk in doing so.

    And minimus, finally, a really good question! Ha!


  • minimus

    Skally, and didn't even have anything to do with a conspiracy either---for you to like it!

  • sf


    Now come on, I do not only respond to those topics. I am diverse. As you will see through my posting history, if you so choose.

    Ya know, thinking on such hypocrisy in action at that wedding, it just really galls me on how fake jws truly are.

    Family means nothing to them, really. I mean, yea, they sure can put the mask on and say the magic words so no one will suspect their true thoughts and feelings. Yet those kinds of masks seem to come only with permanant glue that nothing can remove it but by ripping it off. And that can be painful.

    Gosh, I could say so much more on this topic of hypocrisy and masking, yet not. I need to be careful and selective on what I let ooze out.

    Love ya mini, sKally

  • minimus

    Skal, I was just funnin' with ya for saying my ? was finally good.

  • sf

    Oh I know that silly. I don't know what has gotten into me today and my posting.

    I seem to be, as I'm sitting here realizing it now, 'seeping'.

    Pardon me. I'll try not to get any on ya.


  • BluesBrother

    Among the witness world of their imagination, they are the only ones that work hard, are honest and care for their families. perhaps this justifies in their minds the slaughter of non dubs at Armageddon.

    Since becoming aware of reality, I have noticed the many decent hard working people of all types. This "reputation" is a myth, like so many Watchtower myths.

  • willyloman

    Having left the dubs more than 18 months ago, I have had occasion to tell "wordly' relatives, neighbors, acquaintances and the few non-witness friends I've acquired about my no longer being a JW.

    Every single one of them... has reacted in a celebratory fashion, some in such a pronounced way that I couldn't help wondering what they'd been thinking about me all that time.

    I'm not complaining. Their tolerance and acceptance as "one of them" is just wonderful, but it does speak volumes about what the average citizen thinks/knows about dubs--which is practically nothing. They just know it's not good and can't be bothered getting into it.

  • blondie

    I always wondered why so many people had never heard of JWs. I could imagine that their parents always answered the door, or the wive always answered the door, or the husband always answered the door.

    One day working alone from door to door, I decided to just ask people what they already knew about JWs.

    1. Holidays/birthdays (40%)

    2. Blood transfusions (30%)

    3. Flag salute/military/voting (15%)

    4. Disfellowshipping (10%)

    5. Door to door work (4%)

    6. All other (1%)

    Not a single person mentioned that the kingdom of God was already established with Jesus as king. Not one mentioned anything about living in the last days and that Armageddon was coming soon and the survivors would live on a paradise earth. And these are supposed to be the major points every JW is supposed to be putting in their presentations. What are JWs saying at the door then? Are they actually saying anything quoting from a scripture and making a clear application? Are they doing more than promoting a book or a magazine? Have you ever looked at the presentations JWs use and how they avoid saying "Jehovah," "kingdom", "Jesus"?

    Eliminating "Jehovah"


    km 1/03 p. 3 Presentations for Draw Close to Jehovah

    · With Bible in hand, say: "Many people who believe in God would like to feel closer to him. Did you know that God invites us to draw close to him? [Read James 4:8.] This publication is designed to help people use their own Bible to draw close to God." Read paragraph 1 on page 16.

    · With Bible in hand, say: "Today injustice abounds. It is just as described here. [Read Ecclesiastes 8:9b.] Many wonder if God even cares. [Read the first two sentences of paragraph 4 on page 119.] This chapter explains why God has permitted injustice for a time."

  • Seeker4


    What an interesting post - and absolutely believable. It verifies what I have found informally.



  • EvilForce

    They all think the world is either out to get them or have respect for them for their "ministry".

    Most people I know think the Dub's are undereducated magazine pushers.

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