What are the qualifications to get into Bethel?

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  • tyler m
    tyler m

    I confirmed from a reliable source that my brother will be going to Bethel. We have no contact. What requirements do you have to meet for this "honor"?

  • the_classicist

    Braindead? Soulless? A fond relationship with alcohol?

  • upside/down

    Hard core ass-kisser....

    and a little lying doesn't hurt either


  • whyamihere

    You need a Stick up your Arse!


  • Dismembered

    An extremely BIG BROWN NOSE.

    Dismembered a.k.a Jedi now

    "Don't you go dyin' on me now"

  • Insomniac

    I think ya gots to be a man. I know this was the case in the late 80's, because I wanted to go, but the CO told me that women are too "weak" to do heavy work, and also having us around would tempt the menfolk to think sexual thoughts.

    I think ya gots to be a man

    You mean ... penis only...?


  • tijkmo

    seriously....you have to answer questions on whether you have homosexual tendencies..have been involved in child abuse..have been df or pr...

    for gilead you have to say whether you agree with the teachings of the gb...and you have to answer a question that asks--is your marraige mate in agreement with your application

  • ezekiel3
    seriously....you have to answer questions on whether you have homosexual tendencies..have been involved in child abuse..have been df or pr...

    True, and if you check the homo box, you never get in, no matter how much God forgives.

    Another spot on the form asks if you listen to "rap music".

  • blondie

    Do they have a box for "child molester"?

    It is quite an extensive questionnaire. It has grown over the years because of continuing problems with new Bethelites. The BOE and CO must approve you as well.

    Bethelites told me horror stories of going to pick up a new candidate and having the young man walk off with long hair. Elder's sons sometimes get approved when they should not be. Go figure.

    Young single men from 19 to 35 are preferred, but more and more couples are accepted. Now that they are letting the women do more than clean toilets, do laundry, and make beds, it has been easier to place them. Accommodations are now more suited to couples than the dorm like arrangement in some of the older buildings with the toilet/sink/shower down the hall.

    The attrition rate though is high. Some stick it out for a year and leave not being able to take the routine. Some stay until they get pregnant, no children allowed except under rare circumstances. For some, Bethel life becomes the only life they know. If some leave at that point, they may be allowed to go into the CO/DO work.

    Whatever, even being an ex-Bethelite adds to your status in any congregation when it comes to being considered for an MS, elder, parts on the assembly/convention, etc. The assumption is that somehow you absorb knowledge just be being there that cannot be gained anywhere else.

    That's a crock.


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