Drawing unfair comparisions-Convention talk on Tues night

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  • DaCheech

    We brothers have to wear full suits, and suffer of the heat while the sisters complain that the air conditioning is too high. I would not dare take off my suit and draw attention!

    (is this guy a study?, or is he spiritually weak?)

  • Jez
    is this guy a study?, or is he spiritually weak?

    DaCheech: He is not a study. He is a very active older person. He comments all the time and his comments are always way off base. He acts so clever bringing in outside evidence to support what is said in the WT study, but honesty, it is driving me crazy to listen to his simpleness.


  • TheWord
    It has been speculated that money spent on purchasing food from vendors would be money not put into the contribution box. If the convention attendees all bring their lunches rather than eat out then the Vendors can't say that business is being taken away from them. In the Orwellian scheme of things this all seems logical.

    I hate paying $ 5.50 at a ball game for one beer, when you can get at least 6 for the same price. Perhaps they get a discount. Also it is better to pay less than more for the same thing. IMO

    word up

  • steve2

    Let's give the JWs their dues: While their "inner" lives are often stressed to the max and their minds weighed down and messed up with anxieties about impresion management, at least there's not a shred of litter on the floor...and that's the main thing: A lovely clean auditorium in which to soothe the jagged, chaotic stressed out mind. Ah, it's so wonderful to have one's priorities right!

  • LMS-Chef

    JW's take a lot of pride in calling themselves "different". They really do think that they are now gods chosen people. Constantly tying to make all of their members believe that they are better than any other religon, convincing the weak minded to stay with them. I still have problems with other religions because of what I was brainwashed into believing. We go out in service, no other religion does that, we always keep our house and ourselves neat and clean, we do not grow beards, we dress up for meetings, we do not ask for money, we stay out of politics supporting only gods kingdom the list goes on and on. All of these things they use to make people believe that they are better than everyone else, favored more by God. They are missing one very important thing that was taught over and over again by Jesus. One is faith which they do have but also HUMILITY which they do not have. Every human on this Earth is in the same boat. Wether you are a JW or a Catholic or a Hindu ect. we are all just humans trying to please God the best way we know how. The gift is for all of us humans.

    Sry for rambling I started typing and couldn't stop.


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