OK LOTS of sympathy needed here!!!!

by Lehaa 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • under74


    I've got half a bottle of rum left but runnin' low on coke....hope that's okay.

  • squinks


    My daughter had her's out and it was a piece of cake. DO follow the dentists orders to the letter and all will be well. My daughter did and was fine, my stepdaughter did not follow the directions and she had much pain as a result.

    Good luck and be good.

  • Lehaa

    no coke with rum is fine,

    Yeah hoping i breeze through it, but expecting the worst.

  • LittleToe


    I suffer with impacted wisdom teeth, too. Slowly but surely they are erupting, and it's painful for a few days before they settle down again for a few months. I've thought of having them out, but apart from the occasional discomfort they aren't a nuisance.

    Hope it goes well (((hugs)))

  • Stephanus
    1 word ..... Vicodin

    Or here in Oz: Panadeine Forte - make sure your dentist gives you a script!

  • Lehaa
    Panadeine Forte

    One of my faves, will be making sure i'm stocked up, ta.

  • DHL


    I've got all four out some years ago so I know what you will go through. I would definitely suggest to use good pain killers, then relax and repeat "Everything will get better every day!". BTW if this is an issue for you you should consider it a good chance to loose some pounds!

    Seriously: The first two days will be the worst but then it's going to get much better in short time. Just be careful to always keep the wounds clean. My dentist offered me a syringe and told me to fill it with water and give the wounds "a shower" with it once or twice a day. That seemed to help. And be sure to have lots of ice at home because the coldness helps to avoid swellings and eases the pain.


  • dh

    don't do it, keep them, your brain will slow down if you have them taken out.

  • Shania

    You will have "chipmonk cheeks" for a few days, put ice in 2 ziplock bags and wrap in a thin towel and place on each side of your jaw...........it helped me, time for shakes and soup for a few days..........enjoy!

  • rebel8

    Lehaa, I had 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed and had no pain, no swelling. It can happen. I hope you have the same experience!

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