What sin did you ever committ that you thought you never never would?

by littlerockguy 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • Crumpet

    I committed all the sins I thought I would. And none of the ones I thought I wouldn't - including adultery, thats my only big no no really.

  • zaphod

    speaking against the society

  • curlygirl

    Are we talking JW sins or the real thing?


  • Cat-er-daynightfever

    I never thought that I would ever have sex out of wedlock. I never even thought I would actually sin in this way in my heart. I felt a very deep sense of principle. I knew that I should never even let it come up in my heart. As for sleeping with a married man...I honestly don't know for sure if the one man was still married or not. I did know that legally he was still bound to his wife through the legal waiting period between marriages. So, technically, in God's eyes maybe I did that too.

    I had made a vow to God that if I ever did such a thing that he could curse me. I felt so strongly about wanting to be more than decent. My father molested me. I felt that I had to be more thatn perfect in behavior to be wanted as a wife. It's not surprising, then, to know that I felt that God had cursed me from birth to allow my father or anyone violate me in such a way. By the time I was sixteen, I began to understand that the brothers might feel that I was indecent or immoral and like my father if I told them I had been molested. I didn't even feel like I was good enough to have a so-called decent brother wanting to marry me. That stigma really sucks!!!


  • Lehaa
    Never thought I would actually willingly do that some day. It has taught me not to judge other people too harshly. Every sin has its own story

    yep, i had an affair with a married men.

    Yes every sin does have it's own story.

  • googlemagoogle

    with a married men

    erm... with a married man or with married men? ([life of brian]if it's not too personal[/life of brian] ;-))

  • zaphod

    lolbut really - it still kind of gives me shivers saying stuff contra-borganisation

    real sins - i was pretty sure i might dabble in most of them 'cept the illegal ones like killing and stuff.

  • curlygirl


    Welcome to the board! You've come to the right place to heal.


  • steve2

    When I was in my early twenties, I cruised the streets one lonely and cold night and ended up having the most boring sex with an older man. As a JW at the time, I could never have imagined myself doing that, but I did it. I confessed it to the elders and was publicly reproved. After leaving the witnesses, I began to explore my sexuality under less of a shadow of repressed disdain, and found the experiences infinitely more gratifying.

  • cheeseman

    A threesome with a Spaniard and a Swede. They could barely understand a word of English, that just made it more fun!

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