Assemblies suck

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  • Jahna

    Ahh the joy of spending quality family time sitting on our butts for 1 - 3 days. As a parent of young children nothing can compare to the joy of getting up at the crack of dawn, preparing three kids. Getting breakfast in early (non like to eat when they get up), dressing them in their cute outfits, packing the diaper bag for any emergency (it now weighs about 20 lbs), getting everyone?s book bag ready, oh yes, lunch. The drive there was always the easiest. Parking well another story. Now we get to haul all of baggage from the car to the hall. Of course no stroller so you also carry the baby, diaper bag strung from one shoulder, purse on another, hand holding the oldest book bag (to heavy) and trying to hang on to two tiny tots. Hubby is being nice he is carrying the cooler and his book bag. Finding seats close to the top of the stairs 5 mins after the doors open are near impossible. Could never figure that one out, so mid to lower stands for us. This means the joy of walking up and down all those stairs at least a million time during the day.

    After a day of carrying baby, and toddler up and down those stair, them being unable to sleep on the floor (people getting in and out) so they are tired and cranky. You can?t miss the evil looks from those around us despite trying our best to keep the kids happy without toys. Miss perfect sister is sitting across from us, she has never left her seat in three days. She feeds, burps and changes the baby right there and it never cried. I feel so horrible as I am missing out on the fine spiritual feast, by not sitting there listening I am not showing proper appreciation. Guilt abounds as my husband reminds me of this.

    My feet hurt along with my head, we get to parade back to the car (smiling from the refreshing spiritual food) and go out to eat. This btw is supposed to be a treat for me, cause I don?t have to go home and cook. I should also mention it is supposed to also make up for him not getting off his butt all day. Three tired grumpy kids do not make for great dinner companions but we endure yet another 6 trips to the washroom (baby is still breast feeding and it must be done under the cover of extreme darkness so says hubby.) We get to go home and watch the two oldest run around like idiots while I want to die. But, baths must be readied, clothes set out and ironed, lunch to make before I drop down and sleep. To do it all over again.

    I heard rumor about actual talks and stuff at these things, but all I remember is some droning sounds and clapping of hands as I trudge up and down stairs or listening to the echo in the mans washroom. My mind would be so blank all I could think about was, what are those white puck things in the urinals for? And why am I sitting a foot away from them feeding my kid? Oh joy!


  • Sunspot

    Oh Jahna! You reminded me of all the horrors of going to those "spiritual banqets" that wore us out physically and emotionally!

    I had to tote five kids, and had a non-JW hubby waiting at home looking for a meal when HE got home from work! What a nightmare! (I used to cook a whole meal and leave it in the fridge BEFORE I started the night before doing all the planning and getting ready for the next morning)

    We were SO priveleged to have ALL these blessings......


  • tijkmo

    we went to the furthest north convention still held was funny knowing that everyone was wearing new dresses skirts blouses suits UNDER their old coats and blankets....crumpets obviously not been for a while- getting rid of food was a big mistake-simplification for the bosses maybe but more difficult for everyone else....and did anyone actually talk to anyone new

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    Shania, you know, if my family had done assemblies they yours did and many others that I knew I might not have hated them so much. But my mother was a notorious tightwad so we never stayed at hotels or went out to eat or had any fun associated in anyway with going to the assembly. I also think that my dear mother believed that if you had any fun in connection with the assembly, that somehow reduced your piety, or meant that you were not taking things seriously if you went back to the hotel after a long day at the convention and splashed around the pool.

    I have come to realize from reading alot of the posts here that my family made a difficult way of being raised even more difficult by never trying to at least have any fun associated with the JW activities. Had they done that I might not have despised it quite a much as I did, but I can't really associate any fun or happy memories with any of the activities, it was always drugery.

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    I blame assemblies and my conventions for my inability to stay focused. I learned how to completely zone out to what was going on around me. I could even "study" the entire WT study, with correct answers marked and seconds after have no clue what I supposedly had just read. This makes it a real challenge for me to pay attention when I am reading for school or work, or listening to lectures.

    I have to use all the "special ed" strategies I use on my students, on myself.

    But yes Nos, there I would sit, hour after hour, after being in school all week, wasting time, not even paying attention. But I even got bored zoning out. And I wrote, and wrote and wrote (I have beautiful penmanship, when I want). A huge regret was dumping my "assembly notes" when I DAed in 1987. There were several really fabulous screenplays completely fleshed out. I completely forgot they were in there, when I dumped them. When I realized what I had done, it was too late.

    Have to admit, though, now I have the ability to stay in a chair at the kitchen for 20 hours on a weekend, studying...(Ok-half of that is zoning out-but you get the point, I learned to tolerate inactivity).


  • franklin J
    franklin J

    whenever I am in a auditorium and hear that "microphone feedback" I always get that sickening feeling that I am at an assembly.....

  • Lehaa

    I loved them when i was a little kid, we lived in a country town so assemlies always ment giong to a bigger town an staying fot he weekend, we always got KFC for dinner, yum.

    When we moved to a bigger city it hated it, never got to do anything different. Only exciting part was checkin out the cute guys.

    Once I got married andhad kids it was terible, having to get up real early and get everyting ready, pack lunches. Stop halfway ther to feed the baby. Chast kids around all day, yuck. A few times I said I wanted to go home, he diden't so I told him to get a lift with a friend and I was taking the kids home.

    Don't know why her wanted to stay, he only slept through the whole thing while I chaced the kids aroung everywhere.

  • dins

    My family never made it fun for us either. I think they hated them too.

    The most poignant things I remember are the smells; hot sweat and people sticking to their seats and the smell of the awful hoagies or whatever they were combined with the odors emanating from the bathrooms.

    Everything sucked, even the lame dramas. The only positive thing was the end.

    My mother used to go to 8 day assemblies 9-9. I'd have to poke my eyes out with pencils.


  • franklin J
    franklin J


    I remember all those long international assemblies; having to sit for all those long hours; torture for a kid. When i was younger my parents would let me color and draw pictures ( 12 hours ! a bit too long to sit there) As I got older I was expected to " pay attention". Child abuse.

  • Krystal

    I always thought assemblies were long until I found a loop hole...

    my cong. had several "single" mothers with kids who needed help... so I graciously volunteered... I ended up spending the weekend in the back playing with the kids!! hehe

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