My father will lose his privileges if he attends my sister's wedding

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  • Goldminer

    My sister is planning on getting married within the next few months.Her Jw husband committed adultery and left her when their son was 7 weeks old.After getting a scriptural divorce she began a friendship with a "worldly" man and now this friendship has grown to a soon-to-be marriage. This man studied with the jw's for a while but could see right through them found too many of their teachings didn't make sense so he stopped studying.He's made his stand with my sister and told her she can still attend meetings if she wants to.He's also a good worker and seems to really love the kids.He's not perfect but no worse than many jw husbands. Anyways,the elders pulled my dad aside on Tuesday night and told him he could([email protected]#*?)lose his privileges(running sound at back and counting cash in contribution box)if he went to the wedding.From what I was told he's gonna obey the elders!!!!! Has anyone here had similar experiences or know of WT articles that speak of such?I'll be back tomorrow to read your replies.Thank you. Goldminer

  • kls

    Aww yes ,i can see where priviledges are so much more important then his own daughter that he loves unconditonally.

  • Satanus

    So, playing w the knobs on a kinghall stereo, and counting wt money (and the prestige that goes w it) are more important to him than his daughter's wedding. His loss.


  • Stephanus

    Grrrrrrr! They're absolutely disgusting!

    And your father? His own flesh and blood is less important than holding a microphone and playing bank teller??

    How do you feel about it, Goldminer?

  • garybuss

    I think your sister is lucky if her Father doesn't attend her wedding if he tosses her wedding invitation in the trash because he wants to keep working for free for some book printing business. It'd be the last thing I ever invited him to. I have 60 years experience with dealing with Jehovah's Witness relatives and I can tell you I have zero tolerance for their crap.

    You can have a functional family or you can have involvement with Jehovah's Witnesses, but you can't have both.

  • Stephanus

    Gary's right, of course. Perhaps you could take a leaf out of his "shunning the shunners" book and you and your sister threaten to "dis-fellowship" Dad if he is stupid/callous enough to listen to the advice of the "cheese-cracker men".

  • freedom96

    Once again, the WTS stepping in when they have no business to do so.

    If I were him, I would support his daughter at the wedding, and not give a rats ass what the local elders said.

  • Satanus

    To help your dad see the light on his going along w the elders, an action your sis could take is telling him that if he doesn't attend, there could some family problems for him. Heck, if your sis felt like it, she could tell him that if he doesn't attend, he may suffer some reprisals of some sort, ala the garrybusselman thoughts on this.


  • DaCheech

    The Circuit Overseer told us (elders and MS) of this rule. Also if a person is disfellowshipped, and he is in the same party/festivity/gathering.... a person who is

    in good standing has to leave, or else they "are sharing" or "celebrating" with this one... thus making them sin!

  • trevor


    This JW mentality is inforced by the elders. I wonder if they would rather the couple just lived together giving them one more reason to be frowned upon. It is puzzling because they recognise the marriage as legally binding in Gods eyes. As they believe God has yoked the couple together and witnessed the marriage, why can they themselves not witness the event? The purpose of attending a wedding is to recognise the marriage as binding, not to indicate one?s own religious preference.

    I personally knew an elders daughter who was a Witness but was about to marry a non-Witness. The elder was told, by the other elders that if he went to the wedding he would not be an elder when he got back. He missed his own daughters wedding but was happy to visit them in the years that followed. To be fair, it is not only the Witnesses who take this stance. Marriage between those of different faiths has been a cause of conflict since the earliest times.

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